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    Not only does this forum have a new look, but so do the tools.

    Don't know if I like the brite orange...
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    I'm sure not big on the colors...reminds me of B&D. Wonder if they'll get sued like Pro-Tech did with DW. While I'm on the subject, who'd want to look like B&D anyway???

    The tools look similar in design to before with the exception of the corded and cordless power tools...most of those resemble DW in design....especially the cordless line.
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      Well, I asked when their cordless line was coming out 6 months ago, but i never expected all of this. Those ryobi tools, oops I meant Ridgid tools look good. could this be the way that B&D/ Dewalt captured their share of the market. ryobi for weekend fix it guy, and ridgid for commercial and serious work? I'm curious about this new line and would like to see how they stack up. will start looking for them in my local Home depot.

      Happy woodworking guys.


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        I like what I see!
        Andy B.


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          It looks like it will be easy to tell the old stock from the new! [img]smile.gif[/img]


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            the cordless look like dw and bosch. you know portercable makes some ridge tools for them maybe they should have gone with them.


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              The specs on the handheld tools indicate that they are not underpowered weaklings that one would expect from Ryobi. I’m curious as to where they will fall in with the competition on price comparisons. I’m also a little skeptic on the cordless tools, charging times of 20 and 30 minutes would indicate a small amp hour battery. Lastly, the color scheme leaves a lot to be desired, especially on the stationary tools.



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                Well. The TS 3650 is featured, with pix and all.

                Click on the "Where to Buy" shopping-cart icon, and you'll get "Distributor Search is temporarily unavailable"... hope springs, eternal....

                And, while there's no price, it features the (Limited) Lifetime SERVICE Warranty Seal (which features the puzzling "September - December 2001" subtitle).

                Mr. Deuker, whazzup?
                Any delivery dates yet? I'm an old hand at pre-release publicity, but this sucker is starting to look awfully real.
                Any details on distribution (open up 7-11 and get some competition going!) and warranty? What's the Lifetime SERVICE warranty? That actually sounds a little better than what we've been hearing. And what do those dates signify in the seal-logo thingie?

                PS: I kinda like the new look (of the site).