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How do I post photos?

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  • How do I post photos?

    I want to include photos in a new post. Pics are in .jpg format. Can anyone advise procedure?

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    Sorry pal but I tried and I can't help you.
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      Actually if have a web page or home page and you know how to upload pictures then all you need to do is copy the link and paste it in here. Once you click "add reply" it will automatically create the link.

      Do you need more help?
      Are you Rapture ready? Know Jesus Christ or know his enemy!


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        Right click the photo you want and click on properties. You should find an http address that ends in .jpg or possibly .gif....copy that address. Reply or post and click on "image" from the Instant UBB Codes below. Paste the address in between "[IMG]photo address here [/IMG]". That should do it.


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          But what if it is a picture with no address? A picture in "My documents" for example.
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            I've never done it, but can't you just paste the photo in the message area?



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              Test. I'm replying to my own message.
              Router table [IMG]

              This seems to work, but you have to go to my website to see the picture. How do you insert the picture in the message?
              Got it, but the image is too big?


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                Another test.

                Works OK, but image is too big???


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                  Wow! That worked!

                  Use your image editing software to scale the image to something like 800 wide max. The above looks like 2-3000 wide, so it'll take forever on dialup. Try to keep the file size down, too, for faster loading.

                  To post and image, you need to use the IMG tag. Your photo has to be on some publicly accessible site, not on your hard drive. We can't look on that. The UBB code will look like the following:

                  {IMG}{/IMG} with one exception. Where I used {xxx} you will use [xxx]. I couldn't paste it like that, or else you wouldn't see the UBB code, only the image it is linked to.

                  This board does not seem to have uploading images activated, so you must have the photo hosted somewhere. Also note that some hosting sites don't allow direct linking, so you'll get the imfamous Red X or a "No Linking" notice.



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                    The moderator may certainly close this topic. I have the answers to my questions. Thanks to all


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