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Wood Tool Chest

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  • Wood Tool Chest


    I am new here and hope someone may help with my problem. I am building a wood tool chest and am looking for the pin hardware to lock the drawers when the lid is closed. I have not been able to locate this hardware and hope someone will please help.

    Thanks a bunch

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    Re: Wood Tool Chest

    Check at your local bookstore or library and see if they carry this book. If they do, there might be a source listing for hardware.
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      Re: Wood Tool Chest

      Rockler has them...


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        Re: Wood Tool Chest

        Thank You!


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          Re: Wood Tool Chest

          the other thing I was thinking was this is kinda of a poor mans way, but I bought a low cost tool box and it just has a rod that you pull out after opening the lid, and lay in the top of the box, this rod actual goes in front of the drawers, but one could have it go thought a hole in the drawers front or rear or sides, and would be hidden then, a nice brass rod and knob would look nice.

          I have another tool box that mounts onto the tractor but is removable, and locks on with a small rod on the back inside of the box one manually releases buy lifting and turning 90 degrees, and it pulls it self up off the tab that goes through the back of the tool box and the box can be removed then and carried to the work,

          other wise I think one would have to fabricate there own unless it was made to be very universal, or buy a replacement for a specific box, and make the box to the same specifications.
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            Re: Wood Tool Chest

            I have those on my web site. There is three different lengths. Union 2.7",Gerstner 2.9" also available are extra long 4" that can be cut to length.Bushings , springs and eyelets are included.

            Regards, John

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