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Sliding cabinet door hardware

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  • Sliding cabinet door hardware

    I have a cabinet project coming up soon that calls for sliding doors instead of hinged doors (no room for the door swing). Can anyone recommend a high quality track or runner system? I've never done a slider before, always traditional doors and drawers. I'm thinking that just running the slider in a groove wouldn't be very smooth, or wouldn't stay smooth with seasonal wood movement and such.

    Not sure at this point if the sliding door will be wood or glass. Kinda depends on what the hardware will work with.



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    Re: Sliding cabinet door hardware

    Here's a couple of sources that may give you some ideas as well...

    Woodworkers Hardware

    Cheers! - Jim
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      Re: Sliding cabinet door hardware

      how about this:

      i need the same type of unit, but i'm gong to make my own by ripping 5/4 material and creating the dados on either the router table or table saw.
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