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  • hate to rant!!!

    I know this has been covered many times on this forum but i was in H.D. in delafield wis today and the whole tool section (in fact the whole frickin store) was a disgrace. so much junk you couldn't find anything!! the only tools that wern't rusty were the aluminum ones and they were so dusty and had so many parts missing you couldnt tell if they worked or not. Not even a tool crib anymore just shoved off in the isles with S--- piled all over them. Anything I need for hardeware I'm going to rockler or woodcraft or something I get better service online than from the idiots at the box as for tools I'm going to dealers who give a sh--!!!

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    We just had a new HD open in Orangeville, Ontario two weeks ago. The tool crib is set up to show off the Rigid equipment very well. Other brands are well displayed...Paslode, PC, Dewalt and Makita. Granted, it is a new store. However, the personnel are quite knowledgeable for many of them just having gone thru their "big box" training. Regarding older stores in the Central Ontario region, I have been to 3 other locations, Brampton North, Brampton South and one in Mississauga.....all are well kept and show the Rigid line of tools very well. No dust and no missing parts to speak of....there seems to be always one (older) experienced person on staff whenever I have gone to the stores.

    ***WHERE'S THE DUST?!?!?***

    Chris Berg


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      I gotta agree....HD is a mess. Before i bought my new Ridgid TS i went to 2 of them. Couldnt really tell the difference, outside of 5%tax versus 6% tax

      Sloppy displays, untrained help,clutter everywhere and those stupid backup beepers,and those nets keepin you outta certain areas. Geeesh.....why don't they restock at night like everyone else.

      Thanks for lettin me rave on
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        The Ridgid display at my local HD here in Kent has been a mess for a long time. One of the tablesaws wasn't even assembled properly. But when I was in yesterday, they had moved the tablesaws into the tool crib area, had a Ridgid banner over the tool crib. In short, they'd cleaned up their act considerably.