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  • Final TS Decision

    Well, after many months of agonizing research I finally made my TS purchase decision. It was either the TS3650 or the Grizzly G0444z. I decided to go with the G0444z. I've never owned or used Grizzly products but everyone who has one seems to like it. Deciding factors were the overall Grizzly reputation, the 2 HP 220V motor, and the better than average bisemeyer clone fence. I came close to buying the TS3650 a few times and still think it an excellent saw for the money, especially when you consider the Herc-u-lift thrown in for free. Main reasons I didn't go with the TS3650 were the higher than normal amount of complaints ranging from lack of customer service, wobbly legs, and the vague assembly, alignment, and repair instructions. It seems that this saw is a love it or hate it saw. Not much in the way of middle ground concerning it.

    Anyway, the new Grizz will be here sometime tomorrow and I'm looking forward to getting it set up and put into use.

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    Congratulations on your decision. I am sure you will enjoy the new griz table saw. I have a griz bandsaw, drill press, jointer and dust collector and they all work great. I also have the TS 3650 and am very happy with it. And just for the record my 3650 legs don't wobble, never did and never will. [img]tongue.gif[/img] If you think the Ridgid instructions are vague, you're in for a real treat with the griz instructions! The G0444Z is a great saw and I'm sure it will serve you well. Let us know how the assembly goes and your first impressions of the saw.
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      Congratulation on your new saw. The G0444Z is an excellent contractor TS and I'm sure will serve you well. If you won't have the luxury to plant it in one spot, why not think about adding a Herc-U-Lift Plus to it?
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        I too went thru the same thing as you with the same two saws. The pre sale customer support was great. I emailed questions to Grizzly and got quick responses. I bought the Grizzly and have not looked back. You'll enjoy it.

        Cut safley!!


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          I too went thru the same thing as you with the same two saws. The pre sale customer support was great. I emailed questions to Grizzly and got quick responses. I bought the Grizzly and have not looked back. You'll enjoy it.

          Cut safely!!


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            I have the ts3650,jp610,bs1400 and the stand and sheet metal frame is not as good as the other Ridgid tools. Flex would be a better description and the teck support person I talked to, who owns a ts3650 ,agrees with me and Ridgid knows it but is not planning a fix .

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              These are both good saws with different strengths. The Griz is alot of saw for the price, and so is the 3650 at sale prices. Buy a good blade and you should be good to go! Enjoy!!


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                I got the Griz yesterday. My son and I put it together yesterday and I cleaned and fine tuned it this morning. Assembly wasn't too bad. The manual was a bit vague in a few places, but generally it was a straightforward process.

                Grizzly gives you the EXACT amount of nuts, bolts and washers - no extras. I had a few bad washers but was able to replace them from my private supplies. My only real complaint is that I am missing one of the 4mm allen screws from the motor bracket. I'll try and see if I can get one locally before I call Grizzly about it.

                The fence is really nice. The only complaint about it was the peel and stick measuring tape was kinked in the middle and now doesn't want to stick there. I applied it per instructions then used some duct tape to hold down the offendng kink. I'll leave it on for a few days to flatten the kink out. I spent almost as much time cleaning the perservative off the cast iron table and extension wings as I did assembling the saw. I then put about 4-5 coats of Butchers paste wax on the surface and it is now clean enough to eat off of and as smooth as glass. I then checked and adjusted the alignment of the fence. The blade was pretty much square to the miter slots right out of the box so that was good. After all was complete, I ripped a few pieces of some scrap 3/8" plywood to verify all the adjustments and after a few tweaks everything was "square". All in all this is a very well built, solid machine that I'll get many happy years use of.


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                  This is one heavy saw! I know that Shop Fox makes a $69 "mobile" base that fits the G0444Z but was wondering if the Her-cu-lift was cheaper and could be adapted to fit the G0444Z with being too much of a pain.

                  Anybody had any experience in putting one of them on a G0444Z?


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                    You really can't go wrong on either saw that you pick. I certainly considered the Grizzly when I was in the market for a new TS but went with the Ridgid instead. I'm figuring I will upgrade the fence down the road.


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