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Other tool forum spam is getting annoying

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    I started this topic over two weeks ago and had no intention that it should continue this long, but it keeps getting bumped anyhow.

    Both buctooth and Andrew75 have expressed their apologies for creating spam on this board to promote their forum and I believe they are sincere. I don't think that they realized at the time that some members would find it objectionable.

    So, I think this issue has been discussed more than enough and I am going to close the thread. At least I am going to try to close it by pressing the Close button. I don't really know what it means to close a topic and cannot find any help message about it, but I am hoping that it will prevent this thread from being bumped anymore.



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      Well, I just found out what happens when you push the Close button. You get a message that says only administrators or moderators can close a topic.

      Which of course raises the question as to why the Close button is there in the first place if no one can use it. I thought that the initiator of the thread might be able to close his own thread, but apparently not.

      So this is my request to the moderators to close this topic.




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        Good question Rob. This post really needs to be deleted. Might tick people off if they are visiting to see something like this.
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