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TS2400 Table not flat/level?

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  • TS2400 Table not flat/level?

    I've got a TS2400 that I've had for about 2 years now. It sees only occasional use on weekends, a couple of times per month. I've noticed recently that when I extend the table, the fence is no longer sliding smoothly along the rails from end to end. There appears to be a ridge where the fence crosses the right edge of the main table (not the extended table).

    In other words, when I extend the table, I've got the main table on the left, then a gaping hole, then the smaller, extended table on the far right. When moving the fence back and forth, the bottom of the fence is catching the right edge of the main table. Any ideas on what's going on here?

    I've also wondered about the possibility of replacing the table - possibly with one that's bigger and heavier. This was my first table saw, and I was thrilled to have it. But, having used it for a while now, I'm getting more and more annoyed by it's shortcomings - the stamped steel top being near the top of the list. Anyone know if it's possible and/or feasible to do this?

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    I would go to the contact Ridgid atm the bottom. Explain to them, see if there is a problem with assembly or the table itself. They stand behind what they sel.
    Maybe Jake or some of the others will come in later with a fix.


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      Having only had my TS2400 for about a week (with instruction fresh in my mind) I would look back at the owner's manual in the section called adjusting the front and back rails. Perhaps in the last 2 years one of the adjusting nuts between the rails and table have come loose. You may be able to readjust the table to the fence. I think they say there should be enough space between the fence and the table so that 8 pages of the owner's manual will fit and slide easily.



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        As Mike pointed out the fence rails may need to be adjusted back upward. Over time they may have moved down. Just a note: It is not necessary to get all 8 pages between the fence and the table. As long as the fence does not ride on the table surface, then it is adjusted correctly.



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          Mine was like that when I first got it (the new one back in 2000) and I fixed it by adjusting the rails.
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