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Thoughts on my new TS3650 after 1st project

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  • Thoughts on my new TS3650 after 1st project

    Ok... I know it aint much, and most of you will giggle at me or what have ya but remember, you were a newbie too at one time.

    My first project with my new saw was to make a crosscut sled. I know it aint much, all it does is 90 angles but hey...

    Anyway, I seen a small little video clip on the internet on how to create a basic crosscut sled. Said ok, I can try that.

    It's a beautyful thing, it's beginners luck. This sled cuts dead perfect 90 degree cuts. I did the test where you flip the board over and *PERFECT* match with NO gaps on either end or anywhere in the middle. I also cut about an 8" sliver that was almost paper, you could definitly seen shadows through it. The thinkness was perfectly consistant from one end to the other.

    I could not be more happy with this table saw and the fence. If you are in the market looking for a new saw, you may want to seriously conisder this one.

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    giggle,giggle [img]smile.gif[/img]
    But seriously, a crosscut sled is a great first project and congratulations on doing an obviously fine job of assembling and tuning your saw. Does your sled have some kind of guard to keep your fingers away from the blade? If not, please add one. SAFETY FIRST AND ALWAYS! So what's your next project? tool storage?, storage shelves?, or Adirondack chair?. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
    By the way, what's your next tool gonna be? Can't stop now! Welcome to the WWW. (Wonderful World of Woodworking).
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      I agree on the great first project thing. You'll find it one of the most useful tools for your saw when building furniture. Especially if you put a tape measure on it with a stop. Can't beat the accuracy of a sled.



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        Hey thanks guys! Reason I built it was for safty. I could see that the miter gage didn't have a ver far reach. Didn't care much for that. Did some research on what to do in that case and a sled was suggested to me.

        As far as finger gards... Hmm no. not sure how you would put them on. I have a hand bar used for sliding the sled that is wide enough to keep my fingers away...

        When I get home tonight I will take a picture and post it. No laughing though.


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          Originally posted by woodworkerjake:
          Can't beat the accuracy of a sled.

          Jake ---- what's a sled

          Only ones I'm seeing today are the snow kinds
          22" and still falling. Great day to be in shop but I have a 200 mile trip to make truck shall become my sled today

          Congrats m00n - that's one of best first projects one can make. Like they say ----- safety always first. Always
          Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em