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Woodworkers - Feast Yourselves !!!

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  • Woodworkers - Feast Yourselves !!!

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    Re: Woodworkers - Feast Yourselves !!!

    Man, you had to post this huh. I have been drooling over this TS since last Fall when at the WWing show in Baltimore.

    If I ever replace my 3650, it will be with this new Unisaw unless something else comes along that can top it, but I don't see that happening. First off, Delta gets major points for manufacturing better than 95% of the saw and its components here in the US. For me that is tough to beat. I might have bought a used Unisaw if I could have found a left tilt one back when I got the TS-3650 for near what the 3650 cost. I don't care for right tilt saws.

    I know this TS is considerably more (like x4) the price of the 3650 or 4511, but it's a cabinet saw with great features.

    I wonder if Norm will be sporting a the new Unisaw in his shop in the next season of NYW.
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      Re: Woodworkers - Feast Yourselves !!!

      You know I want one of those. You're just doing this to tease me aren't you? I get goosebumps just thinking about all the toothpicks I could make with one of those baby's.
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        Re: Woodworkers - Feast Yourselves !!!

        Yeah, thanks a lot man!!

        Now I want it just for the toolless guard!