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Off Topic for Rafael - IT Jobs Leaving US

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  • Off Topic for Rafael - IT Jobs Leaving US

    Rafael -
    The following is an excerpt from a Computerworld highlight email I get ...

    __________________________________________________ _________
    Computerworld Application/Web Development
    July 16, 2003
    __________________________________________________ _________

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Offshore outsourcing is a trend that perhaps affects
    developers more than any other IT group. As part of an upcoming
    Computerworld Special Report, we're seeking real-life examples of
    this effect.

    We want to hear your story, whether it concerns yourself, your
    company or someone you know. We want to find out how outsourcing is
    impacting real people.

    We also want to hear from the IT workers who are actually doing the
    outsourcing work -- what's it like, what problems have you
    encountered, etc.?

    Please send me an e-mail at

    We'll feature these examples online as part of the Special Report.
    Thanks in advance for helping us tell the whole story.

    David Ramel
    Editor, Development Knowledge Center

    .... don't know if you care to contribute to their "research". When I got this today I thought of you and your posts in the "Ridgid announces new tools" thread.
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    Thanks Alan, I will provide them my story and forward this info to the many friends and colleagues I have who are out of work due to this disease.