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ts2424 and extension wings and motors

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  • ts2424 and extension wings and motors

    I wanted to upgrade to a 3 hp motor and solid steel extension wings instead of the "weave type" mine has now. Can this be done.

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    Re: ts2424 and extension wings and motors

    I think you would spend so much that you would be better off selling the saw you have and buying what you want.



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      Re: ts2424 and extension wings and motors

      i believe the wing change is simple...just buy the 3650/60 wings and put them on. probably not going to be cheap. this is the part number: TH100049.
      cost is about $148 each, new. that's almost half the cost of a 4511. ebay/craig's list would porbably be cheaper.

      the change to the 3 hp motor would be a little harder as you have to find a motor of the desired horsepower that fits the physical dimemsions of the OEM motor. good luck.
      there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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        Re: ts2424 and extension wings and motors

        I think 2hp is about the biggest you can go without undo stress to the saw's guts. The pulleys, belt, bearings, and overall structure aren't built to handle the extra weight and torque of a 3hp motor, not to mention that a true 3hp motor will require 220v operation or a huge 30-40 amp non-standard 120v circuit that most electrical boxes, wires, and breakers won't have sufficient amperage for. A good thin kerf ripping blade on a well aligned saw should handle anything to full blade height reasonably well. If you need to cut 3" maple all day, you're really going to need an industrial cabinet saw.