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50 Tooth T3 Blade

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  • 50 Tooth T3 Blade

    I have a 10", 50 t/T3 Combination Blade. Nice blade, nice price..
    Problem is after about 2 hr's run time cutting Ceader and Maple, the T3 coating is wearing off. I don't think this is normal. If I 'm wrong please tell me. If I'm not, what can I do to fix this problem?
    Thanks; Joe Ro

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    Re: 50 Tooth T3 Blade

    Sounds like you could have a misaligned blade. Is the coating only being removed from one side of the blade? Does it sound like the blade is still coming in contact with the workpiece when the end of the piece is at the backside of the blade? If so, then you probably need to go through the blade alignment setup again.
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      Re: 50 Tooth T3 Blade

      Hi Dave;
      The blade does not seem to drag. I adjusted the trunnions and the eccentric leaver, and tested the cuts, they seem to be true.
      There was some sap/ gum/resin, on the blade, which came off with turpentine, but in other areas (small) the T3 finish is gone. Sort of blotchy,for lack of a better term.
      The question still remains, how do I correct the situation?
      Thanks Joe Ro


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        Re: 50 Tooth T3 Blade

        I have been using that blade for about 10 months now. Other than cleaning it twice so far I haven't noticed any issues. My blade to fence alignment is a fairly large 0.010" off on the length of the blade showing above the table.
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          Re: 50 Tooth T3 Blade

          I have the same blade and no such issue. Contact Ridgid customer service and ask them. It has a limited lifetime warranty against defects, so maybe you can get a new blade that is properly coated, if that is in fact the issue.


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            Re: 50 Tooth T3 Blade

            I have the same blade on my miter saw and also on my RAS. Neither one has shown any wear problems and the T3 coating doesn't show any signs of wear.

            As mentioned in the previous post, the blade has a lifetime warranty against defects and I would say that what you are experiencing would fall in that area. Also, if this is within the 90-day HD purchase satisfaction, you may be able to return it to HD for immediate refund, then just buy another.

            I hope this helps,