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    At the current time I am using the Ridgid wet/dry vac 1730 connected to the different tools I have to collect the dust. It works fairly well but not like I had hoped. I am thinking about the DC 2000 dust collector. I am looking for others that have one or any other brand and how well they work.

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    Almost any dust collector will be quieter and more powerfull than a shop vac.You just need to figure out if you want a permanant set up or move the dc from tool to tool. Get the biggest dc you can afford that comes with 5 micron filter/collection bags.

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      I'll go along with the above. A DC will be a world of differance, and as stated above get the 5 micro bags. I have 30 micron bags on mine at this time, but plan to replace them soon. To much fine dust floating around.
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