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Why do I need a jointer?

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  • Why do I need a jointer?

    This may be a silly question, but as long as my table saw is straight, square, aligned, exact, etc., then why do I need a jointer? It seems to me that a planer and a good blade on my perfectly aligned table saw is all I would need.

    I must be missing something though, so please give me your advice.

    FYI, I realized today after going to Atlanta Wood Products that you can't do much "nice" woodworking without a planer.


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    Most boards are not perfectly flat. A jointer's primary function is to flatten one face of a board and square and adjacent edge to it, so you'll have a flat surface and a 90d reference for the rest of the board's surfaces. A planer will make one side of a board parallel to the other, but if a board goes into a planer with a bow in it, it will come out bowed and thinner. A jointer can take out bows and twists, etc, but a planer requires some special tricks and techniques to make that happen.

    Most use the jointer to flatten one face, then square an adjacent edge. Then the opposite face is passed through the planer to final thickness, and finally the unworked edge is ripped to final width with the TS with the straightened edge against the fence.

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      First time you rip a 1 x 6 half for 2 poieces and one warps toward the middle you'll understand

      Unlike metal. Wood tends to have a mind of its own sometimes.