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i need to cut a circle with my bandsaw

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  • i need to cut a circle with my bandsaw

    i can figure this out on my own but know half of you already have a nice idea for a circle jig so i'll through it out there.
    i bought the bandsaw cause i need to cut a wheel.
    i have three 3/4" particle boards glued together.
    i drilled the axel hole and placed the bearings and axel.
    the wheel is about 2" thick and needs to be 12" diameter.
    i need a simple jig to insert the axel so i can bring the wheel into the sawblade at small increments so can spin it along the blade and cut a perfect wheel.
    im guessing some sort of upper and lower housing to hold the axel steady, and a slider mounted underneath to go into the groove in the saw table groove.


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    Re: i need to cut a circle with my bandsaw

    There are about 47 million versions of this jig, follow the link below and choose one you like and fits your needs.
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      Re: i need to cut a circle with my bandsaw

      In my experience rough cut it first down to with in about 1/8 to 3/16 of the final size,

      it may take a few try's to get the pin and the turn in alignment to the blade, (even the blade set can cause some drift, (in a perfect world the pin would be at a 90 degree angle to the blade at the very front of the blade), in practice it may not work that way, and for the 12 diameter it should be 6" away from the blade,

      simple jig would be to take a piece of sheet stock and drill a hole for the pin and then mark the distance to the blade and cut part way into the stock, and then clamp that piece of sheet stock to the band saw table, if it is jsut a one time thing.
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        Re: i need to cut a circle with my bandsaw

        awesome. i figured it'd be some sort of cutting out roughly, then locking down at six inches and spinning the wheel.
        thanks again.