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Which bandsaw would you pick

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  • Which bandsaw would you pick

    My options are the Ridgid at the Depot or a Delta 28-276 at Lowes i know there are probably better but these are the ones i can choose from...only places i have credit card from.

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    I have had experience with the Rigid product to my satisfaction considering that it is fairly small. The specs of these two are so close that I would say go for price. Both will do the job unless you are looking to do a lot of resawing in which case you would need to spend considerably more $'s. Good luck and have fun. This is a very useful tool that you will wonder how you managed without it.


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      Well----I have the Delta closed stand and that auto tensioner is pretty slick. Also, if this has pretty much the same specs with the exception of the open stand, I'd go for the Delta in a heartbeat. I've done a load of resaw work with mine and it works like a champ. Has a readily available riser kit as well-----something which has been a problem with Ridgid.

      If you plan on doing much re-saw, get some Timberwolf blades and get the Delta.


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        I've got the old closed base, 2-speed wood/metal version of the Delta 14", and can recommend it, as well. One advantage is the availablility of third party accessories.

        I've never looked at the RIDGID band saw, so I can't comment on it.

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          The Saws are comparable, so look at price. Right now Lowes has 20% off all power tools and accesories until 12/21. I have the Ridgid

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