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Ridgid flip top stand (Slightly OT)

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  • Ridgid flip top stand (Slightly OT)

    I just picked up a copy of Fine Woodworking last night and they have a comparison test on different brands of roller stands. From what I read, they seemed to rank the Ridgid stand the best with "good". All the others seemed to be poor or good/poor for different features. I'm still planning on getting a couple when they get restocked here.

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    Brad----a few "friendly" reminders may be necessary----it was 3-4 months between orders at my HD on the flipstands-----They are terrific-----I now have two and seriously considering getting rid of my roller stands. BTW----had to hand some cabinet doors----they make an excellent extra set of hands for this type of job.


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      I loved Ridgid's stand. I have been installing a lot of trim in my house and using roller stands to try and support the long pieces, much to my aggravation. I could never keep the long pieces of crown up against the fence. It would keep twisting as the end on the roller tried to slide down and I could never seem to keep the pieces on the stand. I was wanting to build some nice long (and hard to store) support extensions for my miter saw (also Ridgid) but didn't have time for that.

      I went and purchased the Ridgid flip tops and my problems went away. The flat top provides great support to hold the crown properly against the fence of the miter saw and the larger support surface means I know longer have a problem keeping the long trim on the stand. I haven't tried them with the table saw yet but that's coming soon.


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        Ridgid flip top is awesome just picked 2 up earlier .


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          Did you pick them up at your local HD? I haven't been able to find any, I assumed they were discontinued.


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            You may have to ask for them. In our HD they are not in the tool section.


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              Picked up 2 on sat.

              Yep got 2 of them great tools saved me having to ask the wife to support one end of a 8' rip.
              Only 2 roller stands.

              BTW this post is 3 years old well almost
              Not responsible for speeling mistakes


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                I pick one of the Flip Top Stands up for my dad for christmas last year(2004). I wa at Home Depot walking around "Toy" shopping and sumbled upon this. I immediately thought about all the time we piss an moan about the cheap roller stands. Well the first time I used it I was so relieved, it works excellent. Come to think of it, I havent had a Ridgid product let me down yet, Flip Top Stand, MSUV, TS3650 is next!!


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                  flip top

                  They are not in the tool "coral" I found mine at my local HD in a cardboard box under a shelving unit where they keep the saw horses but if i did not look i would have passed them up.