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  • Ridgid floor model drill press

    I currently have the Ridgid TS3650, JP6101, BS1400 and a multitude of other bench and hand tools. I have been very happy with all my purchases thus-far.

    BUT--- My question is. Does anyone have comments on the DP1550 drill press. I am looking at a purchase very soon. Thanks for any comments.

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    I just picked up the 15" craftsman laser guided drill press. I only forked out about $230 for it with it being on sale and I had a few coupons. The laser thingy is kinda cool but it's not important. I was interested in the 12 speeds and what appears to be pretty good construction. I think it's made by Rexon in some Taiwan plant. One nice thing I didn't know when I bought it is that it holds a 60 watt light bulb to give you a built in task light. Anyway, I'm sure they both drill round holes in wood equally but for price I suggest maybe you should at least take a look at the Craftsman. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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      If you intend to use it only for drilling in wood, I wouldn't spend the money that Delta, Ridgid, Craftsman, Jet and some others ask for their DP's. The reason being that, IMO, you would be buying more machine than you'd ever need. As I've stated before, alot of woodworkers overbuy when it comes to a DP.

      I have a noname(Tool Shop) floor style DP that only cost $150. It has 16 speeds(210-3840RPM), 16" swing, 5/8" chuck and a ¾ HP motor. Runout is also not an issue with this DP. Before you spend more than you possibly have to, look at some of the Harbor Freigh DP's or other noname units.

      I do agree with your decision to go with a floor style. You'll be extremely pleased with yourself the first time you need that extra capacity. [img]smile.gif[/img]

      PS: Where is Hatteras Island?

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        Thanks for input.

        Hatteras is on the coast of NC


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          I have the DP1550 which I bought when Ridgid was closing out the old gray ones. I got it for less than $200. The only difference between the old and new units is the color and the price which is now around $300.

          The DP1550 is very well made and I like it a lot. It seems to have more than enough power for anything that I have tried, but some comments that I have seen, think it's 1/2 HP is too little. The operation of the downfeed is very smooth and the 5/8-inch chuck is well made.

          If you're looking for something cheaper, check out some of the farm and tractor stores in your area. I've noticed that up here NY's southern tier, such stores have a nice assortment of heavy duty drill presses at comparitively great prices. Most are designed of metal working, but from what I have seen, that difference mostly appears to be in the table design.



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            I have the DP1550, Orange model, and agree with everything that CW said. The price of the DP1550 at the local HD up here in MN has been steady at $267 for the past 2 months.

            Good luck.