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Sander square to table?

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  • Sander square to table?

    Good afternooon - I've had the oscilatting spindle/drum sander for several years now. I love the tool, but have one complaint. The table does not seem to be 90 degrees square to the spindle/drum face. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm not sure how to fix, as it doesn't seem I can adjustable.

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    The table tilts, at least on mine so making the table 90 degrees to the belt/spindle is simply a matter of putting a square on the table against the belt and adjusting the table tile. Is this what you are talking about?


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      I too have the Osc Sander. The table has adjustment stop screw at the hinge point on the side. I adjusted min a couple of years ago, and it stillstops square with the spindle. check it out. You'll like the adjustment.


      Mike Narges


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        Ditto on the adjustment screw. I've had mine squared up for almost a year problemo!

        And man, does this thing smoooooooth away bandsaw marks on curves. One of my favorite Ridgid tools.
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          Thanks gang - I'll be sure to check it out - I'm assuming you're not talking about the big adjustment thant changes the angle of the hinged part of the table, but rather another screw that changes the table itself...

          This too is one of my favorite tools - makes quick work of bandsaw marks...



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            I just picked up the sander and the planer before the prices went up. Love'em both.

            I had to square my table to the belt and spindle when I set it up as well. The only problem I had was the little spring detent that holds the position so that you can tighten the table nut could not be adjusted enough to reach the detent. I tried to tweak it just a little bit to make this happen but the part broke. I called ridgid told them what happened and they sent me a new part!

            The only gripe I have is if I try to sand the face of a board (using belt set-up) by holding it against the material stop and then applying pressure to the sanding belt, the material stop is located at the center line of the drive spindle. This leaves a small gap between the platen and the drive drum radius and the board gets a slght wave right at the end. If they just move the position of that stop another .25" this problem wouldn't exist. I will probably bond a piece of mat'l to the stop to extend it that .25".

            Otherwise the sander is an awsome machine , and a shopvac handles almost all the dust with ease.
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