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  • Router Experience - Dewalt, Porter Cable Bosch

    Hi all!

    I am looking to by a new Router set as my old craftsman is needing a new motor bearing and thats enough justification for me.

    I really like the Dewalt and would like to buy a plunge/fixed base set. I have have been looking for reviews on the Bosch and Porter cable models as well. I have seen some reviews at Amazon but does anyone have personal experience with any of these and major likes or dislikes? And has anyone tried to use door fabrication bits (i.e. rails, stiles, raised panel) with these?

    Thanks for your help
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    Hi redline, I got the Dewalt 2 1/4 HP router kit. It has excellent fit and finish, smooth start, and ample power for my needs. I have mostly used it for rounding over edges and making some mortises.

    In my limited experience, I would say all the major brands make quality tools. You won't go wrong with getting any of them.

    A ryobi would have been more than enough for my needs. But I chose Dewalt becuase for a $100 more, I can have something that'll last for a long time and keep up with my growing needs. The built-in dust collection system was icing on the cake. Well worth the "extra" $100.



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      I have had my DeWalt 1 3/4hp fixed/plunge for about a year now. I only own one router right now so I use it for both table and handheld work. I just leave the fixed base mounted in the table. The motor drops out of the base in a snap making bit changing on the table really easy. The plunge works reasonable well, although you have to make sure you really push down on the tightening mechanism when you reach the desired plunge depth. The bases are the same for the 2 1/4 hp version I beleive. The 1/4 and 1/2 collars can be switched very quickly. Another nice feature is the detachable power cord. I can't comment on how it performs for raising panels, but I've ran some larger profiling bits and it doesn't seem to bog down.


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        The PC 1-3/4 HP combo is great for 90% of anything I want to do with a router. Small enough to be comfortable to use. Powerfull enough for most handheld duties. Soft start, 1/4" and 1/2" collets. Make sure you get the latest model with variable speed, and possibly the edge guide.

        Under the table I have a Hitachi M12v. 3-1/4 HP. This handles the other 10% of anything I want to do with a router.
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          Hey Redline,
          Give the Milwaukee a try, I recently went from the Porter Cable to the Milwaukee, it has a soft start the moulded grip body is alot easier to hold and for the past two years it has out performed any router I have had previously, the only down side is I had to purchase the plunge base seperately for $43.00. but I use it on a regular basis and have not had the switch, or brush problems I had on the Porter cable combo kit I had before.
          Hope this helps in your decision.
          Phillip Allen


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            I have 3 Dewalt,an RE600 Ryobi plunge(made in Japan when Ryobi was more like Makita) and a HF trim router. The 621 plunge DeWalt has excellent features and is the best overall router if I only was to choose one, http// has some info you can read.


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              DeWalt or PC are both fine routers, have both, and they do get used. Got the 1 3/4 HP set for Christmas last year mounted the fixed base in my router table never took it out. And yes you do have to make sure you have firmly enggaed the plunge lock once depth is reached. Ryobi is in my own opinion on of the least quality built routers, and besides you can't get the damn things servced, bought one in an emergency situation, it failed within 1/2 hour, went to another HD and bought a PC won't go back


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                I have the Bosch 2.25 hp variable speed combo (fixed and plunge bases). I definitely recommend the extra money for variable speed on any model, partially for soft start. The fixed base is mounted permenantly under a self-made phenolic router table.

                For the Bosch:
                Pros: smooth, completely vibration free, plenty of power. Under the router table the depth control mechanism is probably the easiest to make extremely small adjustments. Great machine

                Cons: the switch is not sealed. No problems yet. Also, the magnesium body once gave me trouble. Mag oxidizes slightly. Once I left the router in the base (for a few weeks) and it was a pain to get out. Last time I left it in the base and haven't had another problem. Also, it is a smooth cylinder type base. Under the router table fine sawdust can build up making the motor difficult to extract after operation.


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                  Almost forgot, no problems with rail and stile w/ 2.25 hp Bosch (good bits). Any 2.25 I'm sure will do fine


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                    Thanks for all the great replys. Based on what has been said I think I'm going to wait and see who has the best deals with the holidays approaching and go with the winner.

                    Let me see... 1, 2, 3, 4.... Uh Oh.