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  • Mike3206

    Hey Mike where at in Cleveland are you? I'm in Wickliffe. Just currious.

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    Parma, off of State and I-480. Work in Richfield near Rt.18.

    Know of any cheap lumberyards out your way? Cheapest one I've found so far is Keim Lumber south of Canton. Red oak is $2.85 bf and White is like .20 cheaper (S2S so they tell me). Their veneered ply is also significantly less than the yards around here. (Cherry 3/4 ply here is $100 plus. Down there, they wnat about $80.) Too bad my wife wrecked my pickup


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      There's a place called Jackson Lumber,but it's south east of me about 40 mins, and I'm about 40 east of you! Prices are fair, but I've bought small amounts so far from Rockler on Brookpark, and HD, I'm pretty new to the hobby, and have only done a couple shelves. I'm finishing my upstairs right now and in the middle of built in drawers and a book case. No storage space in the house! I'm about ready to have someone get to the drywall. If I see any good deals I'll be sure to post. If you get a chance pick up a Trading Times, theres a guy with a ton of lumber for sale in North Royalton, Cherry, Oak, Poplar... Take care!


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        Mike & Andrew I'm from north Ridgeville, but I can give you a few places for woods. Some are higher in some areas and lowest in others but all are good prices over all and their phone numbers are listed.

        Canton oh, Windy Hill woods
        Grafton oh, Elegant Hardwoods, rts 82just west of 83
        Seneca mills in Findlay ohio.

        I dont have the numbers but I can get them if you are interested.

        that $2.85 bd ft. how wide is it because oak with most of the ones i gave you is under 1.79 for 1 X 4 .

        hope I helped you. Email is


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          Andrew, visit Woodcraft. they have stores in Bedford hts, and Strongsville. they are 4x the size of Rockler and have a bit better prices on wood. they also have a ton of tools, saws, lathes, band saws, jointers, and just about anything else. the only reason I go to Rockler anymore (I could practically walk there) is for hinges, straight router bit and screws.

          I would also suggest you stop buying the Red Oak form HD and Rockler and start going to the lumberyard. Most will plane to thickness for a small amount more, which is still much less than you pay at HD.

          If you ever get into turning on a lathe, visit Berea Hardwoods. The guy who owns the place is great and they have a ton of stuff for pen turning. if you buy when you visit, you get auto second column pricing on your stuff.


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            Thanks for the info. I've been wanting to see the Woodcraft store, I just haven't had the time to get over there. Rockler is a fifteen minute drive from work, that's why I've gone. I am planning a few projects for end of summer, I will purchasing a planer and maiking to a real lumber yard.


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              Guys, Thought you'd want to know that there will be a "wood score" going on on Saturday Apr. 5th. (east of akron) The details are on the woodnet forum. Based on the list, most species are .50 a BF, while the walnut is going to be .75 a BF. Drop me a line if you need directions. So far, i think there will be minimum 15 people splitting what seems to be at least 3-4,000 bf lumber.