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  • Tool brag time

    I'm firmly of the opinion that you can't own too many routers, so I am always keeping my eyes out. I had an old Rockwell which was also the Porter Cable 100 router. I loved that thing and some dude burned it up. He took it to get it repaired and they said they couldn't repair it so he just gave me money. I wish I had insisted on getting the old tool back because I have always wondered if someone else might have been able to repair it.

    So anyway I have a soft spot for that model but I haven't found another one at a price I was interested in. I did find a Dewalt DW610 though. I grew up using the B&D version and it has almost the same nostalgia factor for me as the PC(except for that ugly yellow).

    This guy had bought it and only used it to cut a hole in a counter top for a kitchen sink. There aren't any scratches on the paint and the base plate almost looks brand new. Still with original box and all accessories. Talked him down to $70. I know there are more powerful routers available, but I always loved using the B&D version. The only difference being the ugly color and the newer version has a 1/2" and 1/4" collet.

    This brings the total up to 5 now. About the only thing missing from the arsenal is a 3 1/4 hp. I'm not in a hurry on that, but you never know when you'll run across a deal.

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    Re: Tool brag time

    sounds like you did good,
    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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      Re: Tool brag time

      Post some pics. Nice deal


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        Re: Tool brag time

        My kids are getting back from visiting relatives tonight......and my digital camera with them.

        I'll post some pics then.


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          Re: Tool brag time

          Maybe you would like one of these for your collection sometime. The Fein RT-1800 3-1/4 HP 6-Speed Plunge Route

          Catalog: Note it is a big file to download

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            Re: Tool brag time

            what page is the featured router on?
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              Re: Tool brag time

              You can see there is almost no wear on the tool.

              I'm watching a few on ebay just to see what they go for, but I feel pretty good about the price. I even called the guy and was able to meet him on the way home from a job so I only went a few blocks out of the way to get it.
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                Re: Tool brag time

                Since I'm still shopping around for my first router purchase, I've been getting very familiar with spec sheets and product reviews. Not as good as first-hand experience by using the tools, but I've found a number of things to consider. I found one product review on routers by popular mechanics written about 2 years ago, they looked at the 2 1/4 kit version of the dewalt, and tested it against the other common 2 1/4 routers. I was surprised they only gave it 3 stars out of 5, the most significant complaint was that the fixed base plate could not physically fit some common larger bits through the hole.

                Granted this is a different model, (though supposedly better), and the review is old... if there was an issue with the base plate hole size, there's been plenty of time for product revision. Still, at $70 that is a really good deal, and it sounds like this isn't the only router you are relying on so the possible issue with the base plate may not matter at all.


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                  Re: Tool brag time

                  Well the base plate is made to accept guide bushings so it wont use large bits without changing plates, but it boils down to what you want to do with it. It's nice to have one you can throw bushings in real quickly without having to align a bunch of crap.

         I said before.......I grew up using the B&D version and have a soft spot for it. No soft start. No variable speed. No interchanging bases. But if feels good in the hand, has a lot of power and never let me down.

                  I have an old ryobi(when they were worth a crap) that is dedicated to a butt hinge template.
                  I have the ridgid 2400 for laminate and small bits.
                  I have a PC 7529 plunge router.(got on close out for $69 years ago)
                  I have the Hitachi KM12VC (bought a display model at Lowes for $70)
                  And now the DW610. I didn't NEED it. The Hitachi will do anything the DeWalt will do, but I didn't buy it because of it's spec sheet. I bought it because it reminds me of my teenage days working in the shop for my uncle. AND it's a heck of a router for certain uses.

                  Personal use trumps any review as far as I'm concerned.

                  Now I've got two small routers. A mid-sized plunge. A mid-sized fixed base. And a mid sized Combo. All I eventually need is a big boy for the router table. The Hitachi is pulling duty there for now.

                  BTW..........I'd highly recommend the Hitachi KM12VC combo if you are looking at 2 1/4 hp routers.


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                    Re: Tool brag time

                    Originally posted by rofl View Post

                    BTW..........I'd highly recommend the Hitachi KM12VC combo if you are looking at 2 1/4 hp routers.
                    Yeah, currently the Hitachi KM12VC is the best deal I can find on, Many sources say that the Hitachi kit is an excellent value. I tried to find one locally but no such luck, Lowes stopped carrying them for some reason. I found a local tool distributor who used to carry them also, but he said that the contractors in my area prefer Porter Cable and Bosch routers, so it wasn't worth it for him to keep Hitachi routers in stock.

                    How is the plunge mechanism on the plunge base for that router? Some critics were saying it wasn't as comfortable and smooth to use as the other major brands.


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                      Re: Tool brag time

                      Well, the plunge appears to work well to me. I don't have anymore combo kits to compare it to though. If I'm in a serious mood to plunge I'll probably use my PC which is what it was made for in the first place.

                      I actually have two plunge bases for my hitachi. I bought a display combo when lowes closed them out. All I got was the motor, fixed and plunge bases. I ordered the two sizes of collets and then got lucky enough to find the leftovers of a kit at a pawn shop. I got wrenches, bushings, extra base, and another plunge base for $15.

                      I like this kit. It says it's less HP than the Hitachi, but they are both 11 amp.

                      The hitachi is a little more

                      If I was starting from scratch I think I'd go with the milwaukee with the eventual plan of getting a 3hp router down the road. I think the milwaukee will handle better for free hand routing, and will allow above the table adjustments so it's better in a table. The only reason I don't jump on the deal is because it would duplicate what I've already got.


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                        Re: Tool brag time

                        That Milwaukee router has really been tempting me lately since I own Milwaukee 18v cordless tools and really enjoy working with those. The price is at least $80 less than the other router kits I've been watching, and there aren't any glaring problems with quality in the reviews.

                        My only reservations are that it appears to be a fixed speed at 24,000 RPM. Most of the 2 1/4 HP kits, including the next model up from Milwaukee have variable speed. Will I be wishing for variable speed once I get the hang of using a router?

                        The other minor issue was that it doesn't have a spindle lock. I'm not sure how often I'll need to switch bits in and out, though it seems like a good feature to have. Also, I don't think it has a soft start. This also isn't a deal breaker for me, but useful if it's there.


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                          Re: Tool brag time

                          I believe this was called "brag time", I didn't start it...
                          My routers

                          Ryobi R30 3/4 HP
                          Ryobi TR45 (laminate trimmer)
                          Porter Cable 90690
                          Dewalt DW670 (laminate trimmer)
                          Makita 3612BR 3HP
                          Craftsman 315.275120 (laminate trimmer)
                          Porter Cable 7301 (laminate trimmer)
                          Bosch Colt 1HP
                          Craftsman 315.25070
                          Craftsman 315.17492 1 1/2HP
                          Craftsman 315.17491 1 1/2 HP
                          Craftsman 315.174720
                          Bosch 1619EVS 3 1/2HP
                          and the ultimate... Carvewright CNC Router

                          The one I most frequently reach for... the Bosch Colt 1HP, 1 hand operation, variable speed, a great tool!
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                            Re: Tool brag time

                            Originally posted by srkandel View Post
                            I believe this was called "brag time", I didn't start it...
                            You brag when you get a good deal.


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                              Re: Tool brag time

                              Okay, I'm new and didn't mean to violate the rules, I never pay MSRP

                              Ryobi R30 3/4 HP (don't remember)
                              Ryobi TR45 (laminate trimmer) (don't remember)
                              Porter Cable 90690 ($189/$129)
                              Dewalt DW670 (laminate trimmer) eBay($67)
                              Makita 3612BR 3HP ($189/$129)
                              Craftsman 315.275120 (laminate trimmer) (Recon $29)
                              Porter Cable 7301 (laminate trimmer) (eBay $49)
                              Bosch Colt 1HP ($129/$49 Sears)
                              Craftsman 315.25070 (Included w/router table $59)
                              Craftsman 315.17492 1 1/2HP (clearance $39)
                              Craftsman 315.17491 1 1/2 HP (clearance $42)
                              Craftsman 315.174720 (don''t remember)
                              Bosch 1619EVS 3 1/2HP (Free, won in drawing)
                              and the ultimate... Carvewright CNC Router ($1999/$1199 Sears)

                              Sorry, didn't know the rules! I don't buy it if it's not a good deal, I just bought a $429 jointer at Home Depot for $107.01. If any HD stores in your area still have he 6 1/8" jointers, the current clearance price is $107.01. Sorry, I didn't understand this was a cost based bragging session!
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