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  • 2424 & Thinking Backwards

    I'm a fairly new member here and a very new TS2424 owner. My original TS was a (blush) Ryobi BT3000. I literally wore it out. One replacement motor and the raise/lower system quit. So, having researched(what I should have done five years ago), I bought a TS2424. I won't bore you with the raves.
    I just finished cutting picture frame stock. The left tilt blew me away! Wish someone had a camera to get the looks of befuddlement on my face as I tried to go from right brain to left brain. Didn't want to make too many mistakes with the maple and purpleheart stock. Finally started registering that if I thought upsidedown and backwards, things would go pretty well. This is the first time I have really used the tilt since I bought the saw in January. The luan plywood zero clearance insert worked well, will be better with tape shims. And the raise/lower direction is also backwards. Actually, on this saw, it is right; I have to adjust my thinking again. Wish I'd bought it years ago!
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    Welcome to the forum. And congrats on the 2424. It's a great saw! There are a lot of good people here and all are willing to share what knowledge they have. Dave [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      Welcome K.L.