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Oldham blades any good?

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  • Oldham blades any good?

    What's the general feeling about Oldham blades? I was in Sears today and found their Signature Series 10" - 50T Combo blade on sale for $19.99 (was already marked down to $39.98, then get another 50% off at the register).

    Looking on Amazon they are listed at close to $50. I found reference to Oldham being bought by Black & Decker ( , anyone know about this?

    I was thinking of purchasing the blade. At less than $20, it seems like a deal as long as its not damaged (bent or other damage), which I wouldn't be able to determine until I got it home and mounted on the saw. This blade3 comes with a stabilizer too.

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    Hi Bob - I read mainly good things about the better Oldham line, and mainly bad things about the line HD carries (the ones in the yellow plastic). The 60T Oldham blade I had was from HD and ot was just better than my $5 Big Lots blade. Sorry I can't give first hand advice on the one you're looking at, but here are a couple of Epinions reviews:

    Oldham 40T

    Oldham 50T combo

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      Generally Oldham blades are regarded as average at best. I'd pay $20 for that blade and use it as a general knockaround blade for instances where I don't want to punish one of my good blades. Would I pay $50 or even $40 for it?...........No
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