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    Hello from the frigid north woods! I'm looking for any general info about bargains one can expect to find at a woodworking show. I've got a list of accessories I need and have not yet purchased in hopes that I'll find good deals when I attend my first show soon. A couple of the pricier(sp?) items I'm in need of are: PC7518 router, Bench Dog router table, and several Freud bits and blades. All these are available from Amazon, but will I do better by waiting for the show? I was planning on going down to Madison, WI tomorrow for the American Woodworker's Show, but just found out they have cancelled all their shows. The Woodworking Shows will be in Milwaukee in 2 weeks, should I wait, or just buy from Amazon? Thanks for any input!


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    I would wait if you're in no big hurry. You can get some bargains and there is a great selection to pick from. I'll be heading to the show in Atlanta in March!


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      I have heard the opposite, that there are not a lot of bargains. Perhaps its a matter of which vendor we are talking about. I will be going to the Milwaukee show with high hopes but not great expectations. Dave


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        As with anything, know your prices before you go. Like DaveM said, it depends on the vendor. But I saw some decent bargains at the last show I went to. But not all were all that great. The bargain may be a little better when you factor in the shipping/handling for mail ordering some things.