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Missing "Clamp" on MSUV

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  • Missing "Clamp" on MSUV

    A few weeks ago I acquired an MSUV, which, as I have written here, is a great idea, beautiflly implemented.

    However, missing on mine was one of the serrated three-sided pieces that the parts sheet calls a "clamp" -- the thing that is pressed down by the adjustment knob to tighten the support leg on one of the extensions.

    I called the Ridgid number, explained what was missing, and the lady said she'd get one right out. That was 3 or 4 weeks ago, and nothing has come over the horizon.

    Bob: this was the sort of thing that Jake handled with dispatch. Would you see what you can do? My contact info should be on file.

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    RGad: I'm sorry for the delay in getting your clamp for the MSUV. However, we checked and cannot find any record of your call. I can get one sent out immediately if you would email me and give me your name and address. I don't know what happened to your original order. I apogolize again.


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      Don't want to sound ignorant, but what is a MSUV?


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        MSUV stands for Miter Saw Utility Vehicle. A folding work stand with wheels for miter saws. Has sliding extensions and many other features. O


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          I have gotten a ton of attention with mine. Carpenters from neighboring jobs all come to gawk at it and ask questions. Glad to know that it will still be available, I have a feeeling you'll be selling a ton more of these things.

          BTW...HF has a very cheapo copy of the MSUV...DON'T bother! A friend bought one and hates it with a passion.

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          Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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            Bob: Many thanks. I've been away and just got back, and have emailed you contact info.

            Kelly: Me, too! Had the thing set up in the driveway for a deck repair job and couldn't get anything done because all these contractor trucks would drive by, jam on the brakes, and back up to take a look. I could have sold a dozen of them in a couple of hours.

            And, if you've set up outdoors, you can clean up with the compressor. Neat!


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              Bob: Clamp arrived today and has been installed. Many thanks for your prompt efforts; it is service like this that has made Ridgid users so loyal to the brand.