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Incra 1000HD, and R4511

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  • Incra 1000HD, and R4511

    Has anyone with a 4511 tried the Incra 1000HD with the saw?


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    Re: Incra 1000HD, and R4511

    I have the 1000SE, which I believe is the same but not as many angle detents.

    Works just fine..........just to be safe I removed the t-slot adapter at the end of it. Other than that there are no issues with it and the 4511.


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      Re: Incra 1000HD, and R4511

      yes, I have the 1000SE for several years now and is a great miter gauge - I like the extruded alum fence and all the built ins! (flip stop, measuring tape, extension fence, t-slots in every which direction...) you can fit it for every situation with easy and repeatability!

      the HD is basically the same with different vernier for the angles (never really needed to go anywhere below 1 degree angles myself) and their newer miter runner.

      I also took the T adaptor off being worried about it chipping the table.

      it works really well with the 4511, fits perfectly in the slots, and runs smoothly from end to end. and because of the padding under the protractor head, it also doesn't scratch the granite surface.