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Slower speed on some new table saws?

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  • Slower speed on some new table saws?

    I noticed tonight after getting my new R4511 that the blade speed is only 3450 rpm. I checked the comparable Steel City saws and it's the same thing. I know my old Powermatic Artisan contracter saw was 4500 rpm, and I thought for sure my TS3650 that I bought a few years ago was the same. Since I am now coming from an old Delta Universal ear splitting 5500 rpm motor, how do the slower speed saws do in heavier stock such as white oak leg stock.

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    Re: Slower speed on some new table saws?

    The normal motor speed for an induction TS motor is 3450 rpms. Blade speed can be altered by changing the pulley size, but changing speed also altars the torque. I'm not knowledgeable enough to explain in detail, but I'd guess that you won't notice much difference between a saw at 3450 and one at 4500. The belt drive induction motors will tend to have more torque than the universal motors in general. I'd guess that proper blade selection and good setup will have far more impact on the perceived cutting power in thick stock than the motor speed.