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3650 vs. Grizzly G0444Z

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  • 3650 vs. Grizzly G0444Z

    Just saw an ad in the December 2003 issue of Popular Woodworking for the Grizzley G0444Z for $525 plus $75 shipping. Close to what I'd pay for the 3650 with sales tax here in upstate NY. The Grizzley has a 2 HP motor, cast iron table and wings, 57" rails, Shop Fox Fence, Dust hood underneath, and includes a dado insert. Says extension rails to rip up to 50" wide are optional. Any thoughts from the experts out there? I realize they do not offer the lifetime warranty, but issues of what constitutes a "life time warranty" still are troublesome.

    Thanks for your opinions!

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    NN---I'm not a big fan of the new 3650, but if you're having second thoughts, frankly, I wouldn't consider the Griz'. They have an excellet reputation on their 1023 cabinet saw, but don't see too many people with their contractors' saws and of those who do have one, a number haven't been happy. Also, I've yet to see a Griz' contractors' saw get a good review in magazine tool reviews----the Ridgid 3612, Griz' 1023 have been well rated, in past reviews.

    If you're having second thoughts, I'd look into Bridgewood. They've been in mag. reviews----think I remember Wood rated them a best buy, and have heard good comments on them. At a higher price point, Delta is an excellent contractors' saw.


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      The Grizzly "looks" like it may have some advantages over the 3650 with the fence. The 0444Z is new and I haven't read any field reports on it, and from what I understand the 0444Z is backordered. Could turn out to be a better deal than the 3650 IMO....why didn't they put a Biese type fence on that saw?

      As previously suggested, the Bridgewood is a well proven choice with an excellent fence and good backing from Wilke Machinery. A similar saw that I think has a couple of advantages over the BW is the General Intl 50-185 - outstanding fence and miter gauge, 2 cast iron wings, DC pan, and a dealer network.


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        Not endorsing bridgewood, but I have a link to the only bridgewood contractor saw review I could find. Hope it helps. I recently purchased powermatic 64A w/ 50 inch table. I hate trying to choose from all the vanilla / chocolate flavors out there.. lol But after grunting through using good saw with terrible fence, I went with a saw with a great fence. Found it on special for 850 at a local WW store after 10 % open house discount. I try to buy all my tools at a local store if I can because I like the warm fuzzys of somebody to service me if I have any problems. But have not had any problems with tools yet. *knocking on wood*

        Good luck