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Converting the 2424 to a 3612

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  • Converting the 2424 to a 3612

    To all the 2424 guys
    I just finished moving the fence rails and turned my 2424 into a 3612. Granted I still have the older fence but what an improvement for the extra rip capacity. I followed the instructions that Big Johnson (and a special thanks to him!) had laid out including what parts to order. The total cost was $31.78 plus about an hour or so of my time. Ridgids parts department was really excellent. I ordered everything I needed last Sunday and had them on Wednesday.
    I can't wait to use this extra capacity. I have been working on a corner cabinet and have some wide plywood panels I am working with. Now I can put the old circular saw to the side!
    For those of you having any doubts about doing this, it was real easy.
    Just thought I'd pass this along. Dave

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    I too saw Big Johnson's post (thanks to Big Johnson) and decided to shift my TS2424 rails right. I am adding an extension table (PN. 824609-2)instead of using the rod support because of my concern for the rails extending 19-20" beyond the current extension table. My shop is all mobile and I wanted to minimize the risk of bending the rails when I roll equipment around. I tested the extra weight to the right before I ordered the extension table and the additional 20+ pounds didn't seem to be an issue.


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      I guess because I saw the 3612 setup in HD that the extension of the rails didn't bother me. I too have mine mobilized but am always careful how I move it. Good luck with that extra extension table. Dave


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        I'm new to this forum, so I'm not sure about the previous post that you guys are refering to. Could it be possible to further modify the fence/rails to allow for extended cutting on both sides? I'd like to extend to 52" (or so) so I can crosscut full sheets of ply.


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          I think the capacity of the rails is 48" whether it is split 24 left/24 right, 12 L/36 R or 0 L/48 R. All we are doing is shifting our rails to the right to increase right rip and decrease left rip. I think you'd have to go with an aftermarket fence to get more than 48" capacity.

          The post we are referring to was made by Big Johnson on January 2, 2003, "TS2424 Fence Rails Slid To 3612 also Flip Top Stands"


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            Patrick is right. You's have to go aftermarket for that kind of capacity. Typically I will cut large plywood down with an edge guide and circular saw. I think for me the 36" rip capacity is plenty. Dave

            [ 01-25-2003, 09:15 PM: Message edited by: DaveM ]


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              Glad the upgrade went well for you... Isn't it great having the extra capacity...

              Here is a link to the discussion of moving the rails:

              To all,
              Please disregard these items if you are upgrading your current TS2424 rule.
              5.) Qty.1, Tape, Fence 12" Right. (829967)
              6.) Qty.1, Tape, Fence 36" Left. (829698)
              The parts I originally listed are only for the TS3612... They will not work on the TS2424 front fence rail... they are too wide...

              Glad the post was of help...
              Regards,<br /><br />Big Johnson<br /><br />Pictures: <a href=\" gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php\" target=\"_blank\"> gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php</a>


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                You can achieve 50" inchs of rip right of the blade with the stock TS2424 fence. But you will have absolutely 0 on the left. In fact the last time I positioned the fence rails I moved them just far enough so the fence would fall about 1/16" short of reaching the blade and got near 52" of rip.
                I'm working on getting pics, plans and details for this an other impovements on my web site. It's in early stages and is a complete mess at this point, but there is a couple of photo's of the set up at
                John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                  Big Johnson
                  You are right about the tape fence, they are too wide. But they were easy enough to trim down to an appropriate size. I really didn't think that was much of an issue. Dave