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Jointer help please!!

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  • Jointer help please!!

    I just bought a new rigid jointer and am pretty new to woodworking. When I surface plane my boards I get about 1/16 to an 1/8 difference from end to end. I just wrecked about 25 bd ft of hickory. I read about 100 posts and can't find my particular problem. Also, I have slightly bowed boards and want to straighten them out. I should be able to do this right? They are 13/16 and I need to take them down to 3/4. I do have a planer also. PLEASE HELP! I checked infeed and outfeed tables!

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    Re: Jointer help please!!

    Being fairly new to woodworking myself I had the same issue when I first started using a jointer. In my case it was technique as I never had any instruction nor exposure to a jointer. I cant remember where I saw it but maybe try searching youtube for jointer technique videos.

    One problem I had was pushing down on the board, something you shouldnt do. I am certainly not an expert but the only way I can describe it is to push the board into the cutter head with using slight pressure on the outfeed table. It took me sometime and searching the net but I am getting better at it. If you can try to find cheap/free boards you can practice with.

    Here is a thread I came across that may help (make sure to read all of it as the start of the thread talks about machine setup but evenutally gets to technique):


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      Re: Jointer help please!!

      If you want to go from 13/16 to 3/6 that's only 1/16" margin of error. Not much if it's rough wood, not bad if it's skip planed.

      I had a similar problem but I started learning with cheaper wood.
      To start with the cutter knives' edges have to be at the same height as the outfeed table. Then you need to decide which side you will attack. If the board is bowed then you can go smile (ends are higher than the middle of the board) or frown (ends are lower than the middle of the board). Whichever way you go try to select the setup that gives the least rocking if you press the board in various spots.

      In my experience using the smile method is more likely to produce a wedge effect (i.e. what you got). Since the tendency is to press on the board on the infeed the front of the board goes down, and the rear goes even higher above the infeed than in neutral position. That will definitely produce a wedge. Trying to apply pressure at a point perceived as the lovest point of the smile may also be treacherous and not so precise. Rocking adds to the troubles.

      I use frown most of the time. Under that scenario I press the front of the board on the infeed right before the board hits the cutter and once I move the material about 3 to 5 inches onto the outfeed I change the pressere on the outfeed while the infleed gets enough pressure only to help feed the material forward. From then on I keep on applying pressure down right behind the cutter.

      It helps if you use chalk to scrabble some lines on the side that you are to clean on the jointer. Not only will it help you decide whether you're done, but it may help you realize if you're on the right track with a given piece of lumber.

      I hope you realize that jointer is best used to plane only one side, and then the board goes to the planer to get it to desired ubiform thickness.
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        Re: Jointer help please!!

        I wanted to say thanks for the advice. I am new to this and I NEED the help. I will try some scrap boards tonight! Have a great day!


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          Re: Jointer help please!!

          Common problem, and you may be expecting results that a jointer can't give. This is a good read that helped me a lot:


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            Re: Jointer help please!!

            Great article. You guys helped a ton. I can't believe how much better my boards are looking. Again THANK YOU!!!