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Thinking about getting into Woodworking

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  • Thinking about getting into Woodworking

    hello all,

    This is my first post, I am considering getting into wood working, things like building desks, cabinets, and such.

    I was looking at the Deluxe 10" Ridgid table saw as well as a skil saw and some other tools.

    What I was wondering, although I know it can be enjoyable, is wood working lucrative. In other words, is it merely a money bucket, or can you make pieces that sell for enough to cover your labor.

    I was thinking about getting a shop together for a couple grand so I can build pieces I like, as well as give me a hobby that does not involve computers. But in the same note, I would like to occasionally build pieces that I could sell for some money to cover the costs of my tools and even possibly make some extra cash on the side. Although I am sure it can't compare to fees doing Oracle DBA work consulting, but it is considerably less stress and more relaxing. That is my real interest, but if it takes 40 hours to build a unit which I can only sell for $200-300 it would not really be worth the effort. Although I am sure it will take some time before I could make anything worth while.

    Any feedback would be appreciated as I really don't know if I want to make the move forward into it. Must say, I am an extremist, so if I do get into it, I tend to be 100% one direction or another, I don't want to start off with small tools I would want to get better ones that would last and such. I do not understand the concept of halfway. So it would either take all of my free time or none.

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    I'm a twenty-year UNIX systems programmer. Not the highest paid in the world, but well-paid. I am sure there are woodworkers who make more than I, equally sure there aren't many.

    I would suggest you take up the hobby if you find it interesting, if you'd like to have a tangible product resulting from your labor (my personal favorite reason), things like that. If you think you're going to make money at it? You might try Bass fishing or something instead.



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      I talking from observations and not experience here:

      Yes you can make money from woodworking, but you have to decide that from the beginning and structure it as a business and be prepared to take the stress that is involved. If you're going to make it a hobby, do so and enjoy it and don't worry about making money. You may sell a piece or two once in a while, but you will not be able to get near covering your investment. There has been many a woodworker that has had to give it up because they let woodworking turn into a business and no longer enjoyed it.


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        What can you expect to spend to get into wood working. Like what is the typical set of tools and price range for a good shop, and not a skimpy hack together.


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          Depends on your self-control. If you feel like you have to have every neato gizmo made, it can get pretty expensive. Last I checked, I have maybe 12-15 thousand in my shop.

          Depending on just what you wanted to build, you could probably set up a shop for a couple grand. Guys who are into shopping for used, probably even less.