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TS2424 Dust Collection & Shop Vacs

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  • TS2424 Dust Collection & Shop Vacs

    I have the TS2424 and would like to control dust a little bit. I don't have a dust collection system. All I have is a ShopVac with a 1 1/4" hose. If I bought the dust collection attachment, would my little ShopVac be adequate for now.

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    I use a shop vac for may dust collection using the Ridgid Dust Collection attachment to my 2424. It works fine. Some people make their own attachment. Good luck! Dave [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      So do I and it works well. My vac has a 2-1/2 hose, so it connects directly to the hose supplied with the 2424; Home Depot has a good selection of shop vac parts, including reducers to connect one hose size to another.


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        The table saw is one of the hardest tools to control dust on and I don't think you will ever get it all. The problem with the TS is that it is not very air tight and so you lose a lot of airflow through the wheel slots and lock down holes. But the biggest loss it through the back of the saw which is wide open.

        I made a back plate for my TS2424 out of 1/4 ply wood and cut notches for the motor support rods and splitter/guard mount. It is attached with velcro and is easily removable. This lets me take it out when I need to make bevel cuts as the design I used covers most of the back when the saw is 90 degrees to the table.

        Your vac's small hose will limit the CFM you can draw from the saws cabinet but even a little vac is better than none at all. I put a 4" hose on mine but that's for a dust collection system.

        Hope this helps, good luck!
        - Tim