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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm a furniture builder who does not use a table saw! I have a complete Festool system which works great for ripping and cross cutting all sizes of stock.

    But lately, I started making and selling cutting boards and custom-made chess boards. For these projects, I have to cut thin strips of wood, and the Festool system doesn't do this very well.

    Since I don't need the table saw for large ripping or cross-cutting, a TS3650 is overkill. That got me thinking -- maybe a good benchtop saw would do the trick? I did some research, and found out that the Ridgid gets great ratings. I considered the Ryobi BT3100, but I don't want to fool around with its adjustments.

    What do you think of a Ridgid 2400 with a Forrest WWII blade for my needs?

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    I know a friend who makes very fancy cigar humidors that are decorated with rare wood inlays and matched grain veneers. He makes all his own veneers and inlays on a Grizzly band saw. By the way, he also has a very expensive cabinet saw and never uses it for these kinds of thin cuts.


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      If you need to travel the TS2400 is awesome. If you just want a small tablesaw that is good, the Porter
      Cable is considerably cheaper.

      I have the TS2400 and love it. The base allows for easy storage also.