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    I don't know who of you has a Costco Wholesale warehouse. It's like Bj's or Sams club etc.. Anyway I picked up a PC 333VS for $75, They had a nice selection of DeWalt cordless tools. A DeWalt SCMS 12" $569 (didn't catch the model #) A 10" SCMS. The most interesting thing I saw was a DC "Shopline by Jet". Has anyone ever heard of this. THe DC was a 3/4hp 610 CFM $129. Also the Shopline by Jet 1/2hp 14" swing Drill Press. The DP wasn't as nice as others I've seen but it was like $139 (I think, can't remember, wife was getting impatient).. Decent selection of hand tools levels framing squares etc...

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    Shopline was a low-cost line Jet made, primarily for sales a Lowe's I believe.

    I'm not much familiar with that dust collector, but the specs are very skimpy.

    I think that drill press is a heckuva deal for the price you list. One "mark down" that many reviewers would give is that it has a rotary depth stop. I don't think that is as much a downgrade as a need for user awareness.



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      I have that same Jet DC, I bought it of Ebay 2 years ago for $100.00. It is skimpy, It works OK if you hook it directly to a machine with just 4' of hose. It is not well suited for a network of machines.

      Hope this helps....


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        I had the same question about the JET "shopline" so I went to one of my local JET dealers and asked. The guy at the shop told me that JET had done a subcontract deal with another import tool maker to create a line of less expensive stuff that JET could sell to the more mainstream (and more price conscious) buyers. (I take that to mean people who are more worried about price than quality.) He also said that it didn't last long because JET had so many problems with these "shopline" tools that they discontinued them. I think he told me that the last of the shopline stuff was put out in 2000 or 2001, so the drill presses that Costco has are probably the last of it. As far as other Costco stuff...It's just hit and miss. I have 3 different Costco locations within 3 hours from my home. I've found that what one store has will differ from what another store might have at the same time, so if you see something you like, get it before they're out. Once they're out it could be months before they restock the item, or it may never come back.