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    Argh. I always hate it when things happen like that. Six months ago, I bought the Ridgid TS2424. So far, I have built kitchen cabinets and all kinds of other things with it. To put it shortly, it has been GREAT.

    However, I am ALWAYS running into occasions where I would kill to have the 36 inch cutting capacity of the TS3612. Of course, the 3612 was not available yet when I bought my 2424, or I would have got it.

    And, of course, the nicer fence and other enhancements to the 3612 would have been nice as well.

    Oh well, I guess I will just have to get over it - or whine a lot and get over it anyway.

    I don't suppose anyone knows of a way to get my 2424 upgraded to the 3612 somehow?

    Anyways, thanks Ridgid for the great tools. I look forward to spending lots of money as I buy your jointer and planer and bandsaw and drill press and lathe (etc) someday.

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    I'd sure check with Jake to see if it's an easy fit and check out the prices they want for rails and fence. Then, compare this price to fences like Biesemeyer, Vega, etc. I do know what you mean --there's always something new, just after you buy---could be worse---could be a computer


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      I also bought the 2424 about 6 months ago, and right after they announced the 3612, just our luck.
      But what I did was build my own extension table and moved the existing 2424 fence rails as far to the right as I could leaving me with ZERO left of the blade (never used it anyways left of the blade) and 52" of rip on the left.
      Just an idea, took me about 2 bucks in hardware to do it too. (bolts/washers/nuts)
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        How about some details and pics of your extension table. I have a 3612 but am contemplating adding a right side extension between the rails. Would love to see how you did it.
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          I just built me an extention table to the right with a router insert and moved may rails over. It took a LOT of shimming and paitence to get it back parallel but it was well worth it and I have a very large work surface. It cost me about $10. Many people have done this. Jake helped me with the rulers. They are now availible from Ridgid Parts. I think this would be a good route for you to take. You'll be very happy and have an upgraded version of what you want.


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            Really quite easy.
            I used scrap 3/4" playwood 1 1/2" wide and made a frame 27" x 22" (think that was what the scrap piecs were) and ran a cross frame from side to side and back to front with a 1/2 lap in the middle. Topped it off with 1/4" plywood left over from doing some drawer bottoms and used a piece of 2x4 and ripped it to 1 1/2" square. Used a mortis and tennon lower leg brace between the 2 6" off the floor.
            I took the cast iron wing off, and set it whole side next to my home made wing and marked the wholes. Drilled them out on the drill press, then turned the wing around, and marked the wholes on the other side of the cast iron wing from the home made wing and drilled them out on the drill press.
            I then drilled a few wholes for the fence rails and put it all together sliding the rails as far as I could to the right of the blade giving me 52" rip. 0 on the left, but never used the fence on the left anyways. I didn't mess with the rule on the rails, heck, never make a cut without putting a rule to the blade and fence anyways.
            I used the Rockler assembly squares when I assembled it to keep it as true as I could. The fact that the outside of the cast iron wing wasn't perfect made me also use a few shims to get it right. All in all, it was cheep and very functional.
            I'll try and get a pic in the email to you later before I head back to the hosital to visit my wife and our new son Joshua.
            John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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              Alan J.

              Sorry I didn't get some pics emailed out, but if you go here and look under the "tour the shop" you'll be able to see what it looks like. Basic, cheap, functional.
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