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  • limitation of projects

    What would be the limitation of projects that could be done with the TS2400 compared to the TS3612. I know that they are both different saws but what besides the cutting width and stability would limit a project or projects that could be done.....

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      One thing I could think of quickly would be a desk surface. many of them are about 30" wide, so the 24 capacity of the smaller one would be a problem. Of course, if you are getting a great deal on the smaller saw, then you may be able to spend the savings on a better/larger fence system.

      There are other differences, but capacity could be the biggest one.


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        I would add that there is always a way (remember they built furniture before electricity), it is simply easier to cut a wide board or sheet of plywood with the larger table surface. I have the TS2424, and I use a circular saw with a straigth edge clamp to cut the big stuff. I would evaluate the projects you intend to build and match your tools accordingly.

        My only caution to that advice is that once you get started, you never really know what you will later want to build. I would opt for the 3612, If I did not already have the 2424.