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airbrush for cabinet finishes

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  • airbrush for cabinet finishes

    i have used all different types of applying poly finishes to cabinets from brushes to sprayers. I finally got aa really great smooth finish after applying poly (2-3 coats)and wet sanding with 800 grit wet or dry sand paper. then using minwax's spray poly for final coat. The cans are costly and the question issss: has anyone used an air brush for final coats, and what is your opinion of the idea? thanks for any input you can give!

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    Just my opinion but I would think that airbrushing would take a lot of time especially if you have a lot to do like cabinet doors or something like it. What is it your finishing?

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      Maybe I'm just being too critical of my work, but I'm starting construction on my own home and I want these cabinets to be perfect. Im looking for a glass smooth finish and the airbrush may just be fine enough spray to give me the finish I'm after. basically I'm just doing the rails and styles on doors and the cabinet face frames, and veneers on the face of the island and side skins. thanks for your input snelson

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        An air brush would probably give you to small a spray pattern. A HVLP (high volume Low Pressure) spray system is what you need. You can adjust the width and volume of your spray pattern quite easily with one. I have a Titan system that I have used for years and have had excellent results with cabinets and furniture.

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          thanks dave, now i just have to go find one. Any ideas where? Thanks again.


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            You can inexpensive ones just about anywhere from Walmart to HD. The better ones like Graco and Titan you will find at Paint stores who cater to the professional painter. The inexpensive range from about $150 to $250. The better ones $250 to $1000.


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              I use a porter cable HVLP gravity feed that I got from Lowes for $98. It produced a better finish than I expected [img]smile.gif[/img] Baught it in a rush so I never got the chance to research it.
              NO NO NO- I engineered it to look like that!! Crooked-HA!