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Dado/Arbor Length 2

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  • Dado/Arbor Length 2

    Well I just ran down to check the 29/32 dado width. Yep went on the arbor just fine and let me spin the lock on approx. 3 turns. I have the Oldham Elite Dado set. The two outside blades are 1/8", 4 1/8" chippers, 1 3/32" chipper, and 1 1/16" chipper. With all that on the arbor and the lock nut tightened the arbor is just a smidge from being flush with the outside of the lock nut. I would think that would leave the lock nut plenty tight enough not to worry about. Will I ever have to cut a dado that wide, probaly not but it does fit the arbor with room for the lock nut. I am not sure of the model # of my saw but the packaging included the 7" dado insert, dust chute, and miter gauge hold down. Hope this helps clarify.