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TS3650 arbor -- how about a free blade?!!

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    Steele... thanks for the pictures. They were a big help. I pulled the main section of the saw out of the box, removed the blade, and found that I have the BAD arbor.

    I called CS and got put on a (2 week?) waiting list. I don't know if I want to attempt to swap this out myself though. My luck hasn't been running so well seeing how I'm now disabled/retired just from falling off a Sea-Doo in 1997. With all my joints falling apart now I feel that I'm jinxed or something. With my luck I'll screw something up swaping out the arbor and I'll end up with a dead saw...

    If I want it done at a local service center, does anyone know if I still have to wait to receive an arbor first? My saw is still unassembled. I'd really like to use it, but I don't want to spend the 8 hours assembling it only to unassemble it again to take it to a service center. What's the chance that they have arbors in stock now???
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      Guess what!!! It IS possible to get one of these new Titanium blades for zilch, zero! I just got the 90 tooth blade yesterday for free from my local Home Depot. I guess you have to have a really understanding store manager, and ask nicely.

      ~~Spunky-Monkey~~ <br /> [i]...just monkeyin\' around with wood.[-i]


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        It is clear that with some models of stack and safety dado blade sets that there can be clearance and alignment issues when used in conjunction with the RIDGID® Model TS3650 table saw. We apologize for any confusion or performance issues that they may have created for those of you who have experienced a problem of this nature. This problem does not occur with all dado blade sets so as a result RIDGID would like to provide you with this means of assistance should you have a concern with your TS3650 arbor and the use of specialty blades like dado sets.


        Our experienced technical support staff will quickly be able to diagnose any potential issues you may have with your TS3650 arbor. If you do have a problem, we will stand behind you and do what we can to supply you with a remedy so that you have the optimum performance, productivity, and enjoyment out of your RIDGID TS3650.


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          BrandMan (Administrator), this is your/Ridgid's [/b]only[/b] public comment on this issue since your initial one almost 4 months ago, and this is all you can come up with? I'm going to get a bit edgier than 'badgerdave' did, and say "PROVE IT!" I for one don't believe your statement!!! And that's a pretty CHEAP way to try to quiet your upset paying customers.

          I spoke with my local Home Depot store manager again last week and he got on a conference call with his buyer, and the CEO of Ridgid. I wonder what your CEO is going to think when we read him your post during our next conference call... Hopefully we may get a real forum moderator out of it all. (Yes, it's a cheap shot. But rightly deserved!)

          ~~Spunky-Monkey~~ <br /> [i]...just monkeyin\' around with wood.[-i]


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            I was thinking of buying this saw but after all the messages on the forums, I think I'll go with a different manufactor. I was also going to but hye jointer, but have decided that I don't need the problems with RIGID!


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              I wanted to thanks steelewoodworker for the picture. And all who took time to post this problem. I was just getting ready to assemble my saw and plan on using a dado blade. I looked and sure enough had a bad arbor. It would take 2-6 weeks to get a shop to fix it and I wan't going to fix it. So I take it back to home depot. They couldn't just exchange it. They had to refund and issue me a credit. Turns out the price is $50 lower than when I bought it so I guess in a strange way I did get some compensation for the trouble

              Thanks again for all the posts on this. I am a beginner and would have been pulling my hair out with bad dado cuts had I not found this fourm.