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Reasons Why I am Unloading Ridgid WW Tools

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  • Reasons Why I am Unloading Ridgid WW Tools

    Number one reason why, no ethical, customer oriented service, warranty or otherwise availabe locally, left my planer off 2 weeks ago still hasn't even looked at it, told "Well take it else where I am too busy". Went to the web page for service locations, 3 of the listings, numbers disconnected, 1 of the listings does not service ww tools, last listing the guy was drunk or stoned, hung up.

    Number two: TTI/Ryobi-enough said.

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    I'm affraid this was a bad decission in the direction of service. I'm more affraid Ridgid will realize it too late, and Ridgid will fade into the past due to lack of sales because of the way warrenty service is handled. And from the posts on this forums, service is unavoidable...thus the "TOO BUSY" statement.

    I know I can pay about 10% more at the only WW store within 100 miles, and they have an onsite service center for what they sell. If the machine is 150lbs or more, they will include unlimited warrenty onsite service for 2 years with any purchase of $500 or more. And these machines are of 5 high end brand names.

    This takes alot of time to decide upon!
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      Hello all,now I'm really concerned! To make a long story short ...after waiting a LONG time to buy my first new tablesaw, and being impressed with Rigid's reputation, I just purchased the TS3650 because I couldn't find a 3612 that wasn't a beat up display model. I like the new improvements on the 3650 and HD's 2yr. no intrest offer I thought... IT'S TIME TO BUY!, while I can get the lifetime warranty.
      BUT... what good is a lifetime of fighting with an aggrivating and useless customer service department? I saw woody's web page.. he seemed like such a happy camper ... with all of those RIGID machines... but when I read he and so many others complaining about RIGID's new and worse service... should I take this thing back before I unpack it?????

      I'm serious ... somebody tell me if I'm makin' a huge mistake and should I just pick up that nice Delta with the beisemeiertable and fence.


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        Well, in fairness, the biggest complaints I read, on other brands, are people not getting good customer service from other brands "authorized" service centers----and I'm sure with the change over, it hasn't helped things. If possible, with any tool, if you can learn enough about it---you're better ordering parts from their headquarters.

        But, if even their central parts is having problems---I'd say it's time for writing letters to them and Home Depot.


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          I never liked the way Home Depot handled things from the start with poor dirty improperly assembled displays etc.etc.etc. All the wrong answers when you asked questions. I asked questions that I already knew the answers to just to test the people that were supposed to be working in the tool department & questions that they should have known the answer to & always got the wrong or no answer. Based on the above I have never purchased a Ridgid tool. Now as I watch what is going on I know I will probably never own a Ridgid tool. Ridgid reminds me of a little boy splashing through mud puddles that never learns that you can't stay clean & dry while playing in the mud puddle. So I say just set them down in the middle of the Home Depot mud puddle & let them play to their broken little hearts content. If you want to do something right you sometimes have to do the job your self & not keep handing it off to someone else & expect them to do the job you should of done your self in the first place.

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            Excuse me for asking dumb questions, but why can't HD handle ridgid service? Most consumer electronic stores(best buy, circuit city,...) service or send out what they sell. Simple solution. HD is the only place you can buy the stuff anyway.


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              This looks like a good time for a response from RIDGID...and Home Depot.

              Hello?...Anyone there?
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                I just e-mailed the moderator of this forum asking for some input. We'll see if he is more responsive than the customer service dept.
                keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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                  Excellent point Rafael!

                  There is already a huge infrasture in place for Home Depot, so they SHOULD be the interface for service and warranties.

                  bdueker, what's the story here? I was planning on purchasing several Ridgid WW tools and have been reading this forum for several months. If you don't supply a reasonable response, I'll give my money to Delta, Jet, or Powermatic. At least I know they'll be in business for a while!


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                    Decided to maake investment and purchase a mid priced table saw. It came down to a Craftsman, Delta and Ridgid. I ended up buying the 3650 during my last visit to HD. Salesperson didnt know what he was talking about-bought it anyway. I assembled the machine a few nights days ago with relative ease and have used it several times confirming that it is a good machine. Buth then again, so were the other mcahines.

                    Even then best of machines break down and need repair. With the lack of customer service and support, I am better off with the Delta or Craftsman. So, I will probably return it to HD this weekend.

                    my .02c


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                      Suggest that you hang on to your machine. The chances of anything breaking are relatively small. The chances of being able to get useful parts is pretty high. It is still a great value. I have a 3612 and it's been essentially perfect out of the box - it's about a year old now.

                      If you want to give it back and spend more money, I'd certainly understand. I'll wait for the reviews on the rest of their tools, but i'll keep the tablesaw.

                      Later, Curt


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                        I for one, will keep the Radial Arm Saw and the 3612 Table saw i purchased in the last 2 months. Both great pieces of equipment, no complaints at all. However, due to the problems at Ridgid, they did not get the Sliding compound miter saw, nor will they get the planer or drill press,sander, or any other piece of equipment that i purchase in the near future. I planned on buying all at HD. Hoping to get service and parts there also. I know a lot of folks in the trades,and i will not recommend Ridgid.School is still out on HD itself :-( at times the service is outstanding, at other times, i get the village idiot.

                        Rafael had a good point, buy at HD, service at HD.

                        Delta makes great tools and they will be in business for a looooong time ......Nuff said.
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                          Does every Delta, Jet, PC, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita, etc. dealer service the tools they sell? None of the ones around here do with the possible exceptions of Authorized Service Centers. Why should HD be expected to be the exception to the rule? It does appear that RIDGID still has alot of work to do on the service after the sale end of things but to expect HD to service these tools after the sale is not going to happen.
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                            Badger----point being----HD is the EXCLUSIVE dealer. Yet they don't carry accessories and apparently, you can't order parts there.

                            Local dealers carrying Delta and Jet have accessories and can order parts for you. Most will certainly assist with a repair if needed.

                            But, even with their service shutting down (or so it seems) if I had a 3612 or earlier, I'd sure hang on to it. I'd be sure to stock up on whatever accessories you think you may want and buy an arbor assembly (for thoses who, like me, are bearing challanged)----you'll be all set for the next 25 years or so.


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                              My point was(I know I am often not clear) the large chain consumer electronic store service, or send out for service, everything they sell. I don't expect the neighborhood hardware store to do this. I expect HD, Lowes, Sears and the like to do this. Not just for ridgid, but for Delta, Jet, PC, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita if they sell it. Sears actually services things that they don't sell, their service is pricey, but for large things like a cabinet saw they will provide onsite service. HD will basically give you the middle finger when you ask for service. HD is generally a well managed company, but they are shortsighted. They could contract the service to a third party and sell extended warranties, good profit and no risk and keeps customers happy. This is what many stores do.