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Ridgid Scroll Saw?

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  • Ridgid Scroll Saw?

    OK, maybe I'm just out to lunch here. Someone on another forum mentioned really liking his Ridgid Scroll saw. I didn't know Ridgid made a scroll saw. If they do, can someone comment on it, because I am intrested in a scroll saw for my shop.

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    I can't remember if it was before or if it was at the time Ridgid hooked up with TTI but the scroll saw was discontinued a few years back. Probably for the same reasons that the RAS, Lathe, and Dust Collector were discontinued, lack of sales and they just weren't very good at what they were supposed to do.
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      You wrote, "Someone on another forum mentioned really liking his Ridgid Scroll saw. I didn't know Ridgid made a scroll saw."

      It may very well be as BadgerDave mentioned, an older tool that is now discontinued; or, as I might expect, simply someone's mis-nomenclature for what we now call a jig saw. By that, I mean the hand-held power tool with a vertical reciprocating blade and horizontal base. Originally, I came to know this particular tool as a "sabre saw". Sometime in the late 60's, a feature was added by one or more manufacturer's that allowed the blade to be rotated, independent of the body. The feature allowed the saw to cut fairly tight curves for scallops or scrolls or whatever you call those curvy decorative pieces on shelves and between the top cupboards over the kithen sink. This "scrolling" feature, soon led to the sabre saw being referred to, by some, as a scroll saw. Within the last few years the tag has once again changed so the tool is now popularly referred to as a "jig saw".

      On the other end, the popular name of that bench-top tool with it's thin little blade, is today called a "scroll saw". Perhaps after the name of the popular artisen craft of scrolling or scroll working. During the 30's, the popular art with many was making "jigsaw puzzles"... and the modern scroll saw predecessor was then referred to most often as a "jig saw!"

      Personally, I find it a bit amusing, as well as confusing. Likewise, I often see people refer to the modern "Recip Saw" as a "Skil-Saw". Just proves that what we know, depends on where we were when.