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R4511 lowering height issue

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    Re: R4511 lowering height issue

    I want to try this method that CarbonBased uses. This is copied from a post on ZCI's in on this site.

    "Yep; I actually make my ZCI's out of two pieces of 1/4" hardboard. The lower half has the rear locking tab in it, and a hole around where the blade will raise. When glued to the top half, I've got a perfectly sized locking tab, and a 1/4" recess for a 10" blade... works pretty well (I do generally have to sand down the bottom half by tiny amount (maybe 1/16th..?) to ensure it's perfectly flush, but otherwise it's a perfect fit."


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      Re: R4511 lowering height issue

      I've got tons of "seconds" Manington(sp) laminate flooring left over that I want to use some how on my ZCIs. Still debating on the best way to do it, be it glue and cut like above, or to make a ZCI which allows a chunk of flooring to be slipped in.

      I'd seen several like that.. May be exploring that option first.


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        Re: R4511 lowering height issue

        I just made a ZCI this past weekend for my 10 year old TS2424. Fully lowered, the blade doesn't clear the bottom of the 1/2" thick BB ZCI. No problem. As someone else mentioned, use a smaller blade to begin the kerf. On mine, I barely broke through the surface, then switched to my Freud blade before fully raising the the lift of the saw blade.

        I rabbeted the entire outer edge of the ZCI so that it's just shy of the CI table top. Using a 1/2" solid carbide upcut bit, I finished enlarging the rabbets at both ends of the ZCI to accommodate the larger "flat area" within the insert hole at both ends.

        With a forstner bit I made a 1/2" recess at each end of the underside of the ZCI. Into these recesses I used CG to install 1/2" by 1/8' rare earth magnets. Man, they hold that sucker in place!

        6 set screws, two on each end and two one one side are used to bring the ZCI flush with the table top and to wedge it in tightly so that there's no slop from side to side. Three 7/8" holes, staggered, to the right of the blade, makes it easy to remove the ZCI.

        I wouldn't worry if the blade doesn't retract 1/2" below the table top. Really, it's not a big problem to work around.