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Just bought a used RS3612 having some problems

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  • Just bought a used RS3612 having some problems

    Hey guys, been reading up on this saw for a while and I think I got a pretty damn good deal on it but im having a few problems that I think might be minor but want to run it by you guys, I searched as much as I could but cant find a specific answer.

    Now I just got home with it like an hour ago and turned it on, the blade was very slow to start up and even after 8 seconds still sounded like it was picking up speed. The belt was also whining so I turned it off and put a new extension cord (the one I was using was ancient, really really old) and noticed that the belt had slid off of the pulley and was still turning the blade only by the friction of the belt on the smooth side of the pulley (it probably fell off when we were taking it out of the truck since it kind of hit my arm and pushed the motor up a bit). I repositioned the belt on the vpulley and made sure they were lined up, now I don't know if this mattered but I noticed the motor wouldn't turn when I pulled the belt to make sure it was on correctly.

    Anywho, I turned the saw on and this time the blade wouldnt move at all, it just hummed for 2-3 seconds then popped a circuit breaker and killed it.

    Is there some adjustment I should be doing? I dont think I messed anything up on the transfer even though it was about 20 miles it seemed to not budge and nothing hit the motor at all.

    Now I understand I might have been slightly stupid to not test it at the origonal owners house but it was late and it IS a table saw

    Any help is appreciated, tips are too....lets see what else can I say...Go Texans and i cant believe Favre signed with the Vikings.

    That is all.

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    Re: Just bought a used RS3612 having some problems

    The first thing I'd check out is the motor. Remove the belt altogether and power up the saw. If the motor turns and isn't making all kinds of weird sounds then chances are good the motor is not your problem. If that's the case, then go through the setup procedures for mounting the motor. Also, check the belt for wear, you may need a new one.
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      Re: Just bought a used RS3612 having some problems

      If the saw has been sitting for a while, the contacts for the mechanical centrifugal switch may be contaminated/corroded/rusty. These contacts activate the start up capacitor and start up winding until the motor is turning enough to run by itself and the contacts open.

      Disconnect the belt, turn the motor on, if it doesn't rotate, turn the motor off. Now, facing the pulley, spin the motor pulley clockwise as hard and fast as you can, and with hands away from the pulley, quickly start the motor. If it now spins and eventually comes up to speed, the starter capacitor and centrifugal switch need attention.

      NOTE: The start up capacitor shifts the phase of the power to the start up winding to get the motor rotating. When the motor is rotating as a speed sufficient for the motor to run, the start up winding is no longer needed so the contacts open and disconnect the start up capacitor and winding. This is the click you hear as a motor starts up and another click as the motor slows down to a stop.

      Good luck and enjoy the saw


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        Re: Just bought a used RS3612 having some problems

        I would also make sure the previous owner didn't alter it to work off 220 V.


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          Re: Just bought a used RS3612 having some problems

          while i realize that reading the instructions is, to many guys, antithetical, you might try reading this before you create a problem that's not there now:

          when i got a bunch of used tools home recently, i printed and reviewed all the manuals first, then disaasmbled each tool and reassembled each one in accordance with the manufacturers instructions in the event the previoius owner screwed something up. never trust anyone else to do something right and always err on the side of caution. the 3612 is a great saw and i hope it gives you have many years of safe and enjoyable use.
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            Re: Just bought a used RS3612 having some problems

            Alright guys it appears to be fixed, I took the belt off and turned the motor on and it sounded like a champ so I put the belt back on, made sure it was correct and fired it up, it started in about 2 seconds full speed and cuts like a pro.

            Now Ive got some cleaning to do cause this thing was a bit messy!

            Thanks for the help guys!