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    A couple of months ago my oscillating/belt sander started acting strange. The unit on top of the cabinet was slipping and at times completely stopping. Went into Home Depot about 3 weeks ago and talked to an "Associate." Told him that I bought my sander when Ridgid was still offering the lifetime warranty. Told him the problem I was having and wondered if they would swap out the top unit that operates the belt sander and give me a new one instead of having to send it off to get it repaired and have to wait weeks to get it back. He told me they would get the number and get it for me. Got a call on Saturday that asked if I had had problems with my oscillating/belt sander. I told him yes that I was waiting on a part and was informed it was in. Went in to town to get it and lo and behold they replaced the entire machine. There was one sitting there in the box with my name on it. It floored me that they would go so far as to order and replace my entire machine instead of just replacing one part of it. But believe me, I did not argue with them. But when I got home and put the unit together, I noticed that the drive gears and that entire section of the top unit had been revamped. It is much beefier now, easier to mount the belt sander than it was before, the gears mesh easier, no more trying to find the flat spot on the rod. That made me wonder if Ridgid had had lots of problems with the way it was originally manufactured and they just gave me a new unit to get rid of the old one that was not built as well. Whatever the reason, I am glad I have a new one. And my hats off to all the people in Home Depot who helped me out and also to the Ridgid rep if she was involved. Makes me very glad I bought all Ridgid tools and I bought them when the lifetime warranty was still being offered. Great people at Home Depot and Ridgid. Murray

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    So now that you have one of the orange spindle sanders, is your warranty now only 3 years instead of lifetime?


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      Glad you got your unit up and running again----it's one of the nicer Ridgid designs.----though I'd wonder if they got you a new unit because they didn't know how to fix the old one. Though, likely, they didn't have the parts to fix the old unit----good for you.


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        I was told to keep my serial number to verify that my original machine had a lifetime warranty on it because the serial number will verify when it was purchased. I was skeptical too about the warranty, thats why I asked. I love this machine as it helps me on much curvy stuff which I have a lot of but is also there for flat sanding too. Murray


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          I have one of the older grey ones like you had. Great machine, but poorly designed dust port. Good to know that they are honoring the lifetime warranty.


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            Terrific news! I guess you're a proven example of Ridgid's willingness to stand behind their "lifetime service" warranty! With all the contrary and skeptic posts that have been made on the "lifetime" warranty, it is very good to see actual evidence of its validity. Especially important was your note regarding retention of your old serial number, so that even the new tool is covered.

            Congratulations on your patience and willingness to work with HD on seeking a resolution. So many would just be yelling about the poor quality and service! You've made good the fact that warranties can work!

            Thanks for the good news,