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Aftermarket miter gauge?

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  • Aftermarket miter gauge?

    I am looking for an aftermarket miter gauge that works w/ the TS3612. I have heard that the width of the track is not standard compare to the other more popular saws.

    Anyone seen anything specifically that works w/ the TS3612?


    - J

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    I have a Incra 1000se that I use on my ts2400, It is dead-nuts acurate, and works perfectly on my saw. I do not use my miter was in the shop anymore.

    Hope this helps some...


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      Jip, most good aftermarket gages have an adjustable-width miter bar so you should be OK on pretty much any miter gage, just make sure the bar is adjustable. Also, in a WW magazine out this month, there is a review on like 20 or 30 miter gages (saw it at barnes and nobel or something). It might be good to look up.


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        That article on miter gauges is in Fine Woodworking.
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          I have the non-standard slots and did not find that most aftermarket miter gauges were adjustable----Incra was one of the few that did----anyway, the 1000 has been fantastic with my Emerson-made saw.


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            I have the TS3612 & the Incra 1000SE works great with it. It has a fully adjustable miter bar width. If I remember correctly, you will need to remove the black expanding washers & it should fit great.

            Also, it is still on sale at for $117.95. According to an email I got from them this morning, that price will go up to either 129.95 or 139.95 after Labor Day.



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              Another vote for the 1000SE used with the 3612...great price, great feeling and accurate gauge..
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                Check out Woodhaven, they have a very basic yet well designed after market miter gauge, that you can add any number of options too. I have the deluxe model with the 32" fence.

                FWIW I looked at the Incra, Rockler, Osborn(?)(fancy one Norm has) and I think there was at least one other before I stumbled on the Woodhaven and bought it. I touched and felt all of them. I purchased the woodhaven without touching it, which is very unusual for me.

                Good luck!
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                  I have the Incra 5000 and it is great. The incra manual is below average. The 3612 miter slot is indeed not standard but the manual describes what to do with the non standard craftsman table saws, just apply to the ridgid and it will work fine.


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                    Rafael, for my information, what does the manual say to do with a non-standard miter slot?


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                      I've heard good things about the Incra 1000 and also the 1000SE. the 1000 can be had for $90 right now and I'm not sure about the SE version. I've been looking at the Osborne EB-3. It can be had for $150 give or take on teh net and $189 at Woodcraft. I've talked to teh guys at Osborne and they tell me they specifically make the bar undersize to fit all saws (even a Ridgid. i believe they told me .744 or something like that). they have adjustment screws that widens the bar for slots bigger than the standard configuration.


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                        For the sake of all of us with Craftsman and Ridgid table saws, it's really a help to share what we've found works with our saws and the miter slots. I also have the Incra 1000----I bought it because of it's light weight relative to the other Incras, but also because it seemed to have the best design over other gauges----I think the preference between this and the Osborne is to your own taste and needs.

                        Interesting to note, there doesn't seem to be such a thing as a standard slot----Ridgid is a hair under 3/4" and Delta is a hair over 3/4"---go figure.


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                          You may want to consider adding a cross-cut sled to your TS setup now or in the future. It has some advantages over a stand-alone miter gauge.

                          I made mine in a step-by-step approach. First added an incra rail with aux fence to the stock Ridgid gauge. Then replaced the gauge with the low cost, but versatile incra V27 moving the rail and fence over. Then finally adding this to a shop built moving sled/table with a fixed right wing. Basically you end up with something similar to the incra 5000, but you can customise it to your own level of work and finances over time, and stop when you feel you've reached a satisfactory arrangement.



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                            You jig looks awesome. I am also interested in finding out what your outfeed table looks like in more detail. I am in the process of rebuilding one and am curious on what designs are out there that people have come up with for their TS3612 saw.

                            - jimmy