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2424 table saw at HD- leftover

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  • 2424 table saw at HD- leftover

    There's a 2424 at the home depot near me... they have it mislabeled as a 3612.... Any ideas on what its worth at this point, or what a good offer is? It's a display model so it looks... well almost used.

    Also, is it worth buying at all? I can't find any 3612's left anywhere. should i just wait and get one if the new models, or is this saw worth a small investment? Thanks for your help.

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    That is a good saw, from what everyone says. You're the only one who can judge its condition, especially the rails. Also, does it have a blade and is the miter gauge still with it? Some of the display models don't but the saw is supposed to come with them.

    If so, that would be a great deal for $200-$300 (you could offer 150 as-is out the door and see what happens). I don't know where you could get a comparable saw for 350 but that starts getting you into the good used saw range.

    You can download the manual for it, but ask about it (they won't have it) so that they know you know it's missing. I have had some good luck doing the "let's make a deal" thing with some of the tool guys... it's best to go when they're not busy, like later at night (not too close to closing, though) when they are not overrun with people.

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      The design of the 2424 or 3612 is a time-proven great design-----unlike the new saw, which is a new design and untested.

      What I'd do is download one of the manuals and look at what is supposed to be included-----if it's missing the miter gauge or damaged or incomplete fence, I'd drop my offer accordingly. People have been able to find complete saws in the $300 to 350 range----if it's missing the miter gauge----maybe offer $50 less---if it's missing the fence, I'd offer starting at the $150 and be willing to go to $200-250----then, you could buy a Biesemeyer fence system for around $260 and still end up with a bargin saw!


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        Thanks guys. I just got home with it and set it up. It included the fence and the miter gage but no manual. I'm printing that now. Only down side i saw was that they really didn't take care of it... a little pitting is visible on the top, but very minor. My first goal is to clean it up and make sure it's protected, and then square. I'm thrilled - got it for $270. Can't thank you enough... I love this forum. Hopefully, i'll talk to you again, but about project work. (By the way, any good recommendations for protecting the iron top?) Thanks again. Have a good weekend. jab


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          Congrats'---good price!

          We had another person buy a display model and can't remember who suggested it, but it's a fantastic idea for you if you have the patience. He suggested, considering the lack of skill of HD employees, that using the manual, strip it down to it's shipping components and do it yourself to make sure it's done right----I'd also add, you'll learn some important info about the way the saw operates and parts for alignment.

          Tell you how I've treated the iron on my old Emerson/Craftsman saw. I've used Simple Green and a Scotchbrite pad to clean the surface----have also used my ROS with 100 or 120 grit wet/dry paper---but you have to make sure and keep the ROS moving at all times. Be sure to remove the insert plate and cover the motor and arbor. Wipe it down with a rag and replace the rag frequently---let it dry or use a blow dryer---then apply (for the first time) two coats of old fashioned paste wax (Johnsons or Brix)---no coloring or additives. Do not use car wax as it can contain silica, which isnt good for the wood. Be sure to be liberal when applying in the miter slots and on fence rails. Rub it out and you're good to go----I generally add another coat of wax when I start a new project or once every 45 days, whichever comes first---if you're in a humid climate, more frequent coats may be needed.

          Have fun with the new tool.