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3612 /3650 TS arbor (conspiracy)

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  • 3612 /3650 TS arbor (conspiracy)

    Please allow me to jump on this arbor discussion band wagon. I recently purcahse a 3612 at the BOB that was on clearance. I've been reading quite a few post on the 3650 arbor issue. I change my blade quite a few times. I didn't realy take note of the fact until this arbor discussion arise, behind the blade were you supposed to put the wrench to hold the arbor while you use a second wrench to loosen the arbor nut that holds the blade. there should be notches on opposite sides to put the wrench but there is none.

    Does any 3612 owners have this problem.

    I'm begining to think that there is some massive right wing arbor conspiracy on the part of Ridgid going on here.

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    My 2400 does not have them either. Never really thought about it though. No problem on my part.
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      I don't know where you got the idea that two wrenches are required to remove or install a blade on the 3612 but that is incorrect. Take a look at the top half of page 46 in your Owners Manual for RIDGID's suggested method of installing or removing sawblades.

      [ 12-06-2004, 10:02 PM: Message edited by: badgerdave ]
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        Since when do you need two wrenches??? You hold blade with one hand and loosen nut with other hand/wrench. Why do you think they only give you one wrench?


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          If thats how you change your blades on your saw then good for you. I don,t know what kind of hands you have or what strenght you possess, or maybe you run your saw with a loose arbor nut.

          [ 12-07-2004, 05:43 PM: Message edited by: Tim_ber ]


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            That's how I change the blades on my saw also but of course, I wear a leather glove on my left hand when I do this. Tim_ber, as far as strength goes, very little is required to loosen or tighten the arbor nut. The arbor nut should only be tightened about 1/8 of a turn beyond hand tight.
            Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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              I did not get the idea from anywhere, it was just an oberservation due to the fact that all this issue with the 3650 arbor,with that said let me just say this is the first table saw I've ever owned or seen with only one wrench. And you know what! maybe it was a screw up from the begining on the part of ridgid that they for get to cut the notches. According to statments made on other post regarding the 3650 arbor, that arbor design was " inherited from emerson " why wasn't the uncut notches from the 3612 brought to the 3650? could it be that they screwed up and said f it we will just remeber to cut notches on 3650 emmm

              Yea, I do know how to change my saw blade


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                I have the manual but some of the pages are missing because the saw was an open box on clearance. I just use a piece of scrap wood to jam the blade and it works.


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                  I'm not sure what you've owned, but "real" tablesaws only use one wrench. Some people hold the blade with a glove, while some use blade holders. I have a shop rag that I use. I wouldn't ever jamb anything in to hold a blade, it could chip carbide or bend the blade. Also, the nut will tighten itself some due to the direction that the blade spins. You only need to snug it up after hand tight.


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                    I hold the blade with a rag, but my 2400 came with 2 wrenches. They are still on the holder on the end of the saw, I use a cresent wrench.
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                      Hey mike when I said jam something I mean a piece of scrap wood. not just anything, as per the manual for my 3612 TS from the ridgid website.

                      So is it safe to say that the 3650 is not a real table saw, or any table saw that use two wrench for that matter, based on your comment that a real table saw only use one wrench

                      [ 12-08-2004, 05:37 PM: Message edited by: Tim_ber ]


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                        That's correct.

                        You only need one wrench to change the blade. On my cheap arse Craftsman that I had for 6 months before I bought my Ridgid, you needed two wrenches, but that saw was direct drive, and in all honesty, two wrenches were more dangerous anyway because now both hands can slip.

                        Once again, use a glove or a rag to hold the blade. (or a piece of soft wood) and one wrench. There is no need for anything else


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                          You are not serious? The 2 wrench design is safer and one of the best features of the saw(I used to have). I had a sears cir 1970's and hated that, and you can damage tips and even bend blades if you are not careful.


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                            Dear RIDGID Customers:

                            RIDGID is aware of the concerns of some owners of the TS3650 table saw regarding the application of a stacked dado blade set on the arbor shaft. It has been brought to our attention that a blade or chipper from a stacked dado blade set has the potential of resting in the low cut area near the inner flange. This low area may allow the chipper or blade to ride in the recessed area allowing one blade to cut slightly deeper than the other blade or chippers. In an effort to resolve this issue we are working with our engineering and manufacturing teams towards a quick resolution. Although this is not a safety related issue, we expect to have a resolution in a short amount of time that will be posted on our website.


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                              Thanks Brandman, that is all I needed to here. I love my 3650 and was not looking forward to changing.