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Two new purchases, very cool

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  • Two new purchases, very cool

    The first pics are of a magnetic cover for the table saw. As you can see it has multiple charts and conversions and such. It also has curves and ruler marks on it. It can be used with dry erase markers too. It's mostly to prevent rust but I mostly got it to have an additional assembly table. I have a very small shop so I need every inch of room. It was $50.00 and woodcraft and I used a 15 off 50 coupon. Well worth the money. When not in use, I roll it up and store it in the fence holder.

    The last two pics is of the Incra t-ruler. Lay out perfect marks is now no problem. You can even put your pencil in the hole you need and slide it against the edge to make a nice crisp line. I just realized the other use as you see in the picture for setting blade height on the saw. It was about $24.00 aslo at woodcraft.
    To quote Borat.....Verrrry niiice
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